Following Donald Trump’s win as the president elect of the United States, countries across the world are watching to see what they can take away from Trump’s shocking win. Many countries and governments had publicly opposed Trump, and following his win, were left trying to figure out how to respond.

4 Takeaways for Singapore from Trump Win

Singapore After Trump
As Singapore has been a longtime ally of the U.S., Trump’s impending presidency may change a few things. Here are four things that Trump’s win has taught us.

1. A Unified Nation Leaves No One Behind
Throughout the campaign for the new U.S. president, countless people were opposed to Donald Trump. While many people did not want to vote for Trump, they could not stand to vote for Hillary Clinton. A tragic flaw in Hillary’s campaigning is that she failed to reach out to the working class in America. The vote of the working class is what effectively landed Trump the presidency.

The takeaway here for Singapore is that in order to see a unified country, government policies must appeal to all citizens, no matter their class.

2. Assess Multiracial Disparities Throughout the Country
As many people have pointed out across the world, the 2016 U.S. elections were swirling with racial tensions. Following Trump’s win, a large majority of the country attributes the outcome to “white fear”.

The reasoning behind this assessment is that Trump supporters were eager to see America return to “the way it used to be”. This kind of mindset speaks to returning to an America before its very evident demographic changes. As America currently faces constant protests from those opposed to a Trump presidency, the rest of the world’s governments may question, “how do we respond to multiracial disparities within our own country?”

Singapore has a large population of people from various races. Though there isn’t a history of strong racial oppression like there is in America, Singapore would do well to ensure that all races are appealed to in politics. The failure to truly address the racial divide is evident in America and is presently a huge problem.

3. Recognizing and Avoiding Populist Politics
Trump won because of his populist ideologies. During the campaign, Trump garnered the majority of his support by tapping into the fears of America’s working class. These fears centered on illegal immigrants acting as a detriment to American society. In the mind of Trump and his supporters, individuals of Latino descent and those that identify as Muslim were automatically a threat to the wellbeing and livelihood of American citizens and the safety of the country itself.

Singapore would do well to recognize these kinds of ideologies and seek to unify its citizens.

4. Do Not Let Fear Lead
When a populist politician spends most of the campaign stoking fears of the citizens, there is bound to be backlash that will result in disunity and a country living in fear.

A country like Singapore must be vigilant of any politician that holds similar populist ideologies.

As the world continues to unpack Trump’s election, Singapore should do its best to recognize and learn from these election takeaways.