Looking to the top Singaporean firms and business leaders of today, it is difficult to not feel at least a little optimistic. An impressive majority of firms and business leaders have indicated recently that their global outlook is a positive one. To that end, many firms are planning to increase their global investments, over the course of the near future.

62% is certainly not every business, leader, or expert. Yet it is still a majority, and that is worth keeping in mind. At the same time, we also want to consider the businesses that are not planning to adjust their global investments over the future. A majority is certainly encouraging, and it is an optimistic note overall, but it is nonetheless important to make sure we are getting the full story.

Singapore Firms Are Largely Optimistic
Six in ten Singapore-based firms are planning to increase their global investments over time. More specifically, sixty-one percent are planning to expand their worldwide footprint over the next three years. Sixty-two percent are going to make steps towards increasing their global investments over the next twelve months.

This information comes to us from the PwC 2017 APEC/CEO Survey. The willingness of Singapore businesses to put themselves out there on the global marketplace is slightly higher than current APEC averages. The average figure currently stands at fifty-five percent. The survey also made a note about the way Singapore companies are better exposed to global trades/investments environments. Singaporean business leaders in turn have what you could call a positive outlook towards digitalization, as it dictates the APEC average. Sixty-four percent of business leaders are turning towards the concept of automation. This is just one element to this story that you are going to want to keep in mind.

The Future Of Singapore Firms And Global Investments
Fifty-four percent of Singapore-based businesses are making more efforts towards technology that benefits remote-based operations. Fifty-three percent are investing their energies and other resources in machine learning, as well as other emerging technological advancements / breakthroughs.

Singapore is clearly taking strong steps towards proving that they belong on the global market. As Southeast Asia continues to look for new technologies to create or invest in, Singapore business leaders are clearly devoted to the idea of proving that Singapore is more than ready to not only contribute to the digital age, but to benefit from it, as well.

Where does Singapore go from here? The top firms are certainly worth watching, over the course of the next several months. 2018 will be here before long, and it will be fascinating to discover how Singapore-based companies utilize technology and finance to carve out their own unique place. The nation as a whole is largely dedicated to innovation, as well as careful management. It stands to reason that this enthusiasm shared by more than half of the top Singaporean companies will provide all of Singapore with a strong foundation. There will be much to consider, over the course of the next several months—taking us in to the 2020s.