Maintenance of proper accounts is the key to the success for your business. You will need to have a clear picture of your business with respect to its profits, break-even analysis, future budget planning, taxation, expenditures and much more. This will help you to create a clearer vision for your business’s growth. However, the catch here is that maintaining accounts is a tiresome job and not everyone can efficiently execute this task. Employing in-house accountants to do the task is expensive.

What is the solution?

Our company takes pride in offering you the ultimate solution for all your accounting matters under one roof at a very reasonable price. Our accounting services in Singapore would help you to relieve your accounting stress and to focus on the growth and expansion of your business. Our experienced and qualified team will be there to help you in managing your accounts and maintaining your records as per the requirements of Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

What services do we offer?

Our company provides high quality service which includes:

    • Pre-planning of accounting records
    • Setting up of a well-designed chart for accounts
    • Maintenance comprehensive accounting books and records
    • Preparation of financial statements that includes Trial Balance, Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and so on
    • Maintenance of Debtors and Creditors register
    • Maintenance of General Ledger
    • Bank Reconciliation Statement
    • Assets and liabilities register with complete information
    • Reports on loans and overdrafts
    • Tax reports and schedules

Please note – We do not provide you GST Book-keeping or GST Filing services.

The services can be done on a monthly/ quarterly and or bi-yearly depending on your needs and requirements. We guarantee you full satisfaction in our services along with complete confidentiality.

Estimated service charges are:

    • One File – $650-$800 (One File is approximately 4cm.)
    • Two File – $800-$950
    • Three File – $950-$1150

New customers will be required to pay a one-time fee of $150 for setting up its chart of accounts in MYOB.

Additional files on top of the existing three files will be charged at only $200-$280 per file.

What do you need to have to get started?

The essential documents required include:

    • Monthly bank statements
    • Sales & expenses invoices
    • Receipt & Payment vouchers
    • Hire purchase agreement and its schedule if any
    • Monthly CPF statement if any
    • Monthly Foreign Worker Levy statement if any
    • Used Cheque book stubs if any
    • And any other such document that would support any accounting entry.

So contact us today for the solution to your accounts.