Dormant Companies
*No Sales since date of incorporation or accounting period
*Did applied for waiver of Form C/C-S
*No Bank Loans or Hire Purchase since date of incorporation or accounting period
*Less than 10 Expenses transaction
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Active Companies
*Sales & Assets less than 10 Million
*Employee less than 50
*No Corporate shareholders
*Not holding any shares in other company
*No investment in stocks
*No Treasury or preference shares
*Additional fee applies for companies with PIC, Loans or Hire Purchase
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We charge $988-1288 for the compilation of unaudited financial statements and for filing corporate tax. The requirements for ACRA are to present up to date financial statements to be laid at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and file up to date Annual Returns (AR(s)) by the given deadline.

1. Additional charges will apply if Book Keeping service or XBRL is needed
2. Packages prices will be higher if A1 is not the company secretary
3. To obtain a better quote, kindly provide us with your company’s Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Corporate Tax Preparation & Filing (Form C/C-S)
Simple/ Easy transactions and operations

Complex/ Difficult transactions and operations $450-$1000
* Provide us with your company’s Financial Report, previous year’s Form C/C-S, tax computation and schedules (Do note that audit reports & consolidated reports will not be taken in)