If you want to enjoy the advantages of Amazon Prime membership and you’re located in Singapore, you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon Prime is finally coming to your very own island city-state! This unique membership plan for Amazon, which allows members to pay a flat rate for membership and then access lots of perks (most notably, free shipping on many items) is a long time coming and it’s safe to say that many Singaporeans are going to take the plunge and sign up for Amazon Prime soon.

While the service is now available, it’s sort of a limited time offer, so you should sign up soon if you’re interested. It may not be around in the future.

The Prime service for Singapore is pretty aggressive. It’s designed to provide “Prime Now’ features, which allow customers to access delivery within an extremely fast, two-hour quantity of time. Customers may order almost anything under the sun, from smart phones by Samsung to cold beer by Tiger and beyond.

Also, clients will have the option of utilizing an application called Prime Now, which allows them to buy thousands of items and have them delivered right to their doors, for free. However, in order to get free delivery, items will need to cost forty Singapore dollars, which equates to twenty-nine US dollars.

Information about these Amazon Prime services for Singapore come from Henry Low. He’s the director of the Asia Pacific branch of Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Will Have Competition

Amazon Prime’s foray into Southeast Asia probably isn’t being warmly welcomes by Alibaba Group Holding Limited. It’s the company which controls the Lazada Group SA and it’s rumored that Alibaba is thinking about investing in PT Tokpedia of Indonesia.

In this region, there are six hundred and twenty million people and the e-commerce market is booming. It is anticipated to reach expenditures of eighty-eight billion dollars by 2025. This information comes from Temasek Holdings Pte and Google.

According to Henry Low, Southeast Asia is a lucrative marketplace which is filled with opportunity. It’s loaded with six hundred million consumers, who are building wealth and embracing digital services. This is why Amazon feels that Prime belongs in the region. The starting point for Prime’s grab at Southeast Asia market share will begin in Singapore.

Amazon Prime has been boosting its global reach. It’s all about making money via overseas expansions. While China continues to be dominated by Alibaba, Amazon is warring with Flipkart Online Service Pvt within India. Amazon plans to spend a whopping five million bucks to win this battle over the upcoming five years. Amazon has already made a deal to purchase an online retailer, Souq.com, which is based in Dubai.

Will Amazon Come Out Ahead?

While Amazon isn’t trying to wrest Chinese dollars from Alibaba, it’s committed to fighting for market share elsewhere and chances are that it will be successful. Amazon definitely fills a need in the marketplace and the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Prime membership is bound to make it a favorite in Singapore.