Scientists at Singapore’s NTU invent customizable, fabric-like battery

We live in the middle of one of the most exciting times in human history. Major technological leaps forward, technological leaps designed to completely transform the way we live our lives today and tomorrow, or being invented almost every single day – pushing us further and further into the future faster than anyone could have expected or anticipated. Technologies that use to be nothing more than a science fiction dream, technologies that only ever existed in cartoons or on the big screen, are becoming commonplace ...
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Singapore and Sri Lanka sign free trade agreement

A major new trade agreement between Singapore and Sri Lanka promises to have a significant economic impact on both of these partner nations, helping Singapore-based companies to enjoy a $10 million savings on tariffs right out of the gate while opening up new opportunities and leverage to Sri Lanka-based organizations that want to make the most of Singapore’s incredible reputation in the world of global commerce. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for both of these partner nations! Singapore and Sri Lanka have ...
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Singapore soars in global innovation rankings

According to the most recent version of the Bloomberg Innovation Index (the 2018 addition of this annual report from Bloomberg Financial), Singapore has jumped up to the third spot in the global community – piggybacking ahead of Germany, Switzerland, and Finland (while sitting just behind South Korea and Sweden) – which really illustrates the financial success and stability that Singapore has enjoyed over the last few years. For quite a while now, Singapore has sent pretty steadily at the number six spot according to this ...
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5 Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Talk of bitcoin has become quite common now. People are making a priority of watching and investing in bitcoin as it seems to be one of the best investments out there right now. Many have become fearful of missing out and are therefore investing all that they can. The question still holds, is it really worth the investment?If you are on the search for the next best cryptocurrency investment, there are a few that you will want to keep an eye on. Litecoin As of ...
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Top things to do in Singapore

Singapore, at least as far as landmass is concerned, isn’t all that big. We’re talking about an island nation state that is just slightly larger than New York City, but it’s become one of the hottest global destinations in the last few years and one of the most important members of the global economy – a real driving force for innovation, technology, and financial success around the world today. Tourism to Singapore has spiked significantly in just the last few decades as well. Bordering the ...
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