Need to divert incoming phone calls to your business to a Singapore mobile number / overseas mobile number / fixed line number at a low cost?

call forwarding singapore

Local call forwarding and International call forwarding have never been so easy and affordable. Enjoy great savings when forwarding calls to Singapore & Overseas numbers at affordable rates!

Call Forwarding Singapore Service

  • A one-time $20 Setup Fee
  • Secured Online Payment methods (Master, Visa, Paypal, AMEX)
  • A Dedicated Phone Number will be issued to the client – numbers starting with “3” (e.g. 3125 8888).
  • “6” Series Telephone Number – numbers starting with “6” (e.g. 6254 9999) will be available at an additional cost of $15 per month but is not available through our online site. Do contact us directly for the “6” Series Telephone Number
  • 24/7 call forwarding to any Singapore or overseas mobile/ Land Lines (Additional fees may apply).
  • Free caller ID, and call forwarding feature.
  • Free missed calls notifications and voicemails via email.
  • Free 3 Months call forwarding service (applicable only for the 24 months’ registration)
  • There will not be any telephone line subscriptions, purchase of analog telephone set, and line installation charges.

By using this service, clients will be able to have their own corporate number and that can improve their company’s image as opposed to referring their clients to their personal mobile numbers.

Interested parties may subscribe to our services online where there are plenty of payment options – Visa, Master, Paypal, AMEX (Through Paypal). Alternatively, they can choose to subscribe the Call Forwarding Service at our office with our friendly and experienced in-house Customer Service Officers.

Clients will be issued with a Singapore Telephone Number where they can place on their websites, company name cards, and/ or other corporate stationery.

Whenever there is a call to the company’s telephone number, the call will be diverted to the client’s designated mobile number 24/7.

Clients may also opt to divert all calls to their personal telephone number routed to a voice mail system which will then be forwarded via email as a wav file. This allows clients to view the calls when they are free to do so.

Complimentary Fax-to-Email Service includes:

  • Free Incoming faxes and forwarding of faxes in PDF format to client’s designated email address(es)
  • Free 12 months shared fax number with a min. of 12 months’ call forwarding service registration
  • Local out-going fax charges is applicable (S$0.50 per page; faxing to an overseas number is not available)
  • S$18 per Month [S$216 for 12 Months Service + S$20 Setup Fee]
  • S$18 per Month [S$432 for 24 Months Service + additional 3 Months for Free + S$20 Setup Fee]
  • S$18 per Month [S$648 for 36 Months Service + additional 4 Months for Free + S$20 Setup Fee]
  • (* All prices stated are inclusive of GST)

Why Choose Us?

  • There will be no more investment in PABX Systems, and/or telephone wiring in the office premises.
  • A comparatively lower monthly cost using our Call Forwarding Services as opposed to hiring a full-time receptionist. This is extremely beneficial to companies, specifically small firms, as they will be able to improve their image at a lower cost.
  • Through outsourcing call forwarding, clients will have no need to spend time to recruit, and train the staff.
  • There are limits for incoming calls with our Call Forwarding service because it is 24/7.

Call Forwarding Rates Per Minute (in SGD)

Singapore: S$0.02, Singapore Mobile: S$0.02

Australia: S$0.05, Australia Mobile: S$0.30

China: S$0.04, China Mobile: S$0.04

Hong Kong: S$0.05, Hong Kong Mobile: S$0.05

India: S$0.12, India Mobile: S$0.12

Indonesia: S$0.18, Indonesia (Jakarta): S$0.12, Indonesia Mobile: S$0.25

Japan: S$0.08, Japan Mobile: S$0.35

Malaysia: S$0.08, Malaysia Mobile: S$0.08

Myanmar: S$0.50

Philippines: S$0.28, Philippines Mobile: S$0.30

Thailand: S$0.08, Thailand (Bangkok): S$0.08, Thailand Mobile: S$0.08

UK: S$0.05

USA: S$0.05

Vietnam: S$0.20, Vietnam Mobile: S$0.20