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Why Is Singapore Preferred For Incorporation By Start-Ups?

While Singapore hasn’t (yet) knocked Silicon Valley in the United States off as the breeding ground for the most startups in the world today, many expect them to continue developing Silicon Valley Lite in Southeast Asia – and some expect that they will be the most influential hotbed for startups in the coming decades. Offering a number of benefits that simply aren’t available in the United States (or anywhere else…Read more
Is Singapore Preferred For Incorporation By Startups?

Is Singapore Preferred For Incorporation By Startups?

Singapore has really established itself as a headquarters for startup company, with companies starting to consider moving to Singapore just as much as they consider moving to Silicon Valley in the United States – something that would have been considered absolutely insane just a few short years ago. This is not an accident. The Singapore government and Singapore culture in general has always been very friendly towards business. But recently,…Read more
When Should You Register Your Company

When Should You Register Your Company

Starting a new business is so exciting that when many people have the idea for a business they often get ahead of themselves. It's important to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row before incorporating your new business. There are a lot of considerations that the new business owner needs to understand and have plans for before taking the next big step. What's your plan?…Read more
Why Co-working is Flourishing in Southeast Asia

Why Co-working is Flourishing in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is becoming a worldwide hub for startups and entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs are flocking to available co-working spaces as they look to start their new businesses. Startups are Taking Off Government agencies and officials in many Southeast Asian countries are recognizing the popularity and success of co-working offices and spaces. In Singapore, co-working spaces have grown exponentially in the last decade alone. In 2009 Singapore had just one office,…Read more

Major global technology companies are expanding their operations in Singapore

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong has always been serious about improving the economic base of Singapore, finding new ways to improve business relationships all over the world, and to build a “bulletproof economy” that can whether all of the financial storms that countries around the world are really struggling with today – and with new initiatives rolled out by his government in just the last few years he’s…Read more
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6 Things to Note After Company Registration

Congratulations on the succeeding in registering your company! So now you’ve just got to figure out the next steps to venture into the beginning of your business. Here’s how you can ensure everything is smooth sailing with these 6 steps as a guide: 1. Hiring a company secretary A company secretary plays an important role in any company and as part of the Singapore Companies Act (Section 171), it is…Read more
How to register a company in Singapore

How to register a company in Singapore?

Singapore has always been recognised as one of the best countries for building a business as it has a such a business-friendly environment. That is why so many companies locate their offices here. But starting a company, especially a private limited company in Singapore can be a complicated process and is not so straightforward. There are so many factors to take into consideration, such as filing of the necessary paperwork,…Read more

How to start an Online Business in Singapore?

Online business is a famous business type in Singapore. Many people are interested to start their business on the Internet, so they can do all business activities from their own house or HDB units. There are many other advantages that people can have by starting this business in this country. It is not a difficult task to start this business on the Internet. People can sell their products or services…Read more
Why is Singapore an ideal place to set up business?

Why is Singapore an ideal place to set up business?

Singapore’s quality lifestyle fascinates the world. The country is now best known for living peacefully with cultural diversity, offering a safe living environment to its residents, tax facilities, a world class business community and a very stable lifestyle. There is no question about the fact that the country is growing as an ideal place for setting up new business empires. If the aspiring business community is thinking of migrating here,…Read more

What are some things to note before starting your business?

Before a company can be allowed to operate in Singapore, it must get the legal clearance from the registrar of companies who issues it with the certificate of incorporation that allows it to marry out its activities in Singapore. Most companies in Singapore are registered as private limited liability companies. A private limited company is a separate legal entity in which the company’s shareholders cannot in any way, be held…Read more
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