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New six-year Aussie visa for Singaporeans

A brand-new program that will go into effect on 1 January 2018 will allow Singapore citizens traveling to Australia to get a six year visa that allows them to stay in that nation for up to three months at a time, regardless of whether or not they are there for pleasure or for business. This is part of a major new initiative and partnership being established between the governments of…Read more
Visa exemption between Singapore and Myanmar to kick in end of 2016

Visa exemption between Singapore and Myanmar to kick in end of 2016

Some new and good news has come to residents of Singapore and Myanmar. A change to existing rules will make it possible for residents of each country to visit the other, without requiring a visa. This new freedom is very appealing, as it will make travel so easy. As long as a visit will last 30 days or less, no visa will be mandatory. This decision heralds a new closeness…Read more

Citizenship by Investment Programs for an Instant Second Passport

Commonly referred to as an economic citizenship, there are programs available around the world that enable you to receive a second passport by investing in different countries. Depending on your personal situation, an economic citizenship may or may not be something that you should be looking into. There are 3 main components included in a citizenship by investment passport: faster processing, lower prices, and a reputable travel document. Below are…Read more
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Why Millionaires Choose Singapore as Their New Home

One of the core reasons that millionaires are choosing Singapore as their new home is because Singapore is currently in the middle of an industrial revolution. Not necessarily the same kind of revolution seen in the UK and the USA, but it’s important all the same. The government in Singapore have put a lot of time and effort into building up their core industrial sectors and one highlighted point of…Read more
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Expats in Singapore, Where They Work and What They Do

The unemployment rate in Singapore is dramatically low at only 1.9% and the economy really is booming. Because of this the employment opportunities in Singapore are extensive and the expat community is huge. English is the language spoken throughout most areas of industry and so it is relatively easy for expats to fit straight in and get to work. However on average most of the expat jobs reside within the…Read more

What is PEP?

PEP is an abbreviation for Personal Employment Pass. This is a special employment pass issued in Singapore. It is not linked to any specific employer. PEP targets highly skilled individuals that wish to work on Singapore. This employment pass is not meant for people who want to open businesses in Singapore. 5 Things That You Should Know Before Applying For PEP 1. Holders of the personal employment pass are not…Read more

What is the Singapore Employment Pass Scheme?

Employment pass is a kind of work visa that is issued to the professional employees who have come from foreign countries. This visa is also issues to the managers, directors and also the owners of the Singapore companies who have come from foreign country. There is no system that is based on quota which can restrict the numbers of the employment passes that can be issues to a particular company.…Read more

Immigration for PRs

Staying in Singapore permanently is like a dream come true for most of the citizens coming from various countries. It is understandable that most of the people stay overtime based upon their business visa. However, it is illegal to stay in the Southeast Asian nation without any valid document. Understanding the Immigration Process in detail will help you in experiencing the best results for sure. Also, it is necessary that…Read more

Singapore’s Immigration Visa Schemes

There are several Singapore immigration visa schemes that are available in this country. People have to learn about these schemes before they apply for the right visa that is suitable for their purposes. Each visa scheme is specially designed to serve all purposes of the specific immigrants. This guide is going to help all immigrants who are planning to apply for the Singapore's visa during their stay in this country.…Read more

What are some ways to better enhance EntrePass applications?

The EntrePass, which was introduced in October 2013, had the noble intention of enhancing Singapore’s entrepreneurial vibrancy. However, like all good businesses, it requires fine-tuning every now and then to keep it up to date with the modern world’s changes. For instance, the new social sites are slowly eclipsing the traditional media. EntrePass capitalize on this and reach out to the huge number of potential investors that flock its website,…Read more
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