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What are the Government Funding & Assistance Schemes in Singapore?


In general, it’s good to accept the fact that lack of finance is often the most common stumbling issue for start- ups in Singapore. Basically, in this regard, the role of the government in Singapore and the other associated agencies cannot in anyway be overemphasized in contributing to this nation’s success at a start- up friendly country.

On the top of the government’s agenda, enterprise development is usually on the top. It has successfully crafted a supportive as well as a pro- business environment conducive to the different entrepreneurs who want to start any kind of business in Singapore. This write up will focus on discussing about government funding assistance schemes in Singapore.

Government Funding and Assistance Schemes in Singapore

This nation- based start- ups can benefit from the following:

1. Optimal business environment

An optimal business environment in Singapore normally ensures that the start- ups expenditures are minimized while the profits are maximized. This is important since an investor can be in a position to earn more while only incurring a small amount of cash as expenditure.

2. Readily Available Work Force

There is a readily available workforce in Singapore. Hence, each time you opt to increase the level of output that your firm is producing, getting the required workforce will not be a hassle since it’s always readily available. The workforce in Singapore is classified as either skilled, semi- skilled or unskilled. Therefore, depending on the kind of workforce you’ll require, you’ll not miss finding the one that fits you best.

3. Strong Legal Environment

The legal environment in this country ensures that investors are provided with a conducive as well as secured environment to work in. hence, if you opt to invest in this country, be assured that the legal force in this country will protect your investment in the best possible manner.

Equity Financing Schemes in Singapore

Equity financing scheme simply refers to the kind of capital which is normally lent by investors to business in exchange for a share of ownership in the firm. Generally, this form of financing is essential for start- ups which are in need of additional capital, most especially in their early stage of development. The commonly known Singapore’s government known baked equity financing schemes are the following:

1. Early- Stage Venture Funding Scheme i.e. EVFS

EVFS which is often administered by NRF i.e. National Research Foundation is a co- funding scheme whereby the selected venture capital companies who at least raise S$10 million dollars from the third party investors will receive dollar- for- dollar matching from NRF up to a maximum of S$ 10 million so as to invest in the early stage technology start- ups.

2. Business Angels Fund Scheme

This scheme is an equity investment scheme whereby SPRING seeds Capital (subsidiary of the Singapore’s government agency scheme) co- invests in the growth oriented based start- ups along with the –pre- approved business angels. This basically matches the dollar- for – dollar up to a maximum of approximately S $1.5 million.

Last but not the least; the government of Singapore has spent considerable cash amounts, effort as well as time in devising a supportive eco- system for start- ups in this country.


What are the types of Loans in Singapore

Are you aware of the types of loans in Singapore that all banks facilitate customers in an exceptional manner? Checking out more information in this context will let you go through numerous options as per the given situation.

Perhaps, you need to understand the process in detail without going through any major issues for sure. All you need is consider the exact loan type before getting along with one as per the requirement. Remember that the major difference lies in different interest rates charged based upon the importance associated with the loan. Also, the time period for which you avail too will be taken into consideration.

Best way of dealing with any loan is to take it only when you actually need it. Repaying the same as quickly as possible will keep the loaners and loaned on the safer side. The process of avoiding any risks too is something what that is best possible to you in this regard. Given below are some of the common loans offered in Singapore.
· Personal Loan
· Education Loan
· Consolidation Loan
· Renovation Loan
· Wedding Loan
· Medicare Loan

Deciding upon the exact loan for you depends upon your actual situation for which you would like to obtain a loan.

Personal Loan in Singapore

Falling short of money whenever you would like to take care of personal needs is one of the common issues experienced by many earners. For instance, the situation would be terrible in case you don’t have money to pay for your utilities. Also, taking care of small needs on a regular basis too will make it difficult for you in case you are at lack of finance. Applying for a personal loan in Singapore with one of the reputed banks will let you obtain the best results as per the given situation. Eventually, you are able to experience effective features as per the given situation.

Education Loan in Singapore

Academic life is full of unexpected expenses about which you should be ready in a proactive manner. Securing your preferences in this regard in an ultimate fashion too is something what you need to prefer in an extensive manner. Perhaps, you get to maintain numerous aspects with the inclusion of all those features that you expect on the whole. Obtaining the best results in this context too is something that facilitates you in an excellent fashion. Eventually, you are able to seek the best results within your confinement because of the consideration numerous perspectives easily.

Consolidation Loan in Singapore

Imagine a scenario during which you have run into bad debts because of poor management. The situation will be beyond any explanation in case you have multiple debts to cover because of which maintaining each one of them in an exclusive manner. Applying for a consolidation loan in Singapore in order to get over such situations will prove to be most effective to you in an eventual manner. By going through the specific features provided by the concerned banks to you in this regard, you are able to realize more benefits in precisely the same way as you anticipate the most.

Renovation Loan in Singapore

Dilapidated homes are commonly observed because of the lack of necessary maintenance on time. Though homeowners in Singapore are well aware of this aspect, the lack of enough money on hand to perform renovations in a timely manner will create problematic instances for sure. Detailed aspects too need to be considered in the first place related to the type of home repair jobs to be done so as to obtain the best results as per the given situation.

Wedding Loan in Singapore

Getting married in life is an important occasion for everyone. However, it is necessary to have enough money on hand to bear all the marriage expenses without any dearth or deficit. Experienced money lenders in Singapore are known to provide you exclusive wedding loans in Singapore this regard so that you could solemnize the occasion in style.

Medicare Loan in Singapore

Absolute care should be taken of your health so that you never undergo any problematic issues in any manner. The health loans in Singapore provided by the reputed banks as well as other financial institutions will prove to be most effective for you because of which you realize optimum benefits as per the given situation.


What is Intellectual Property Rights in Singapore?

Intellectual Property, abbreviated as IP and known also as Industrial Property, refers to various kinds of creations of the human mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. The Intellectual property Law exists to grant business owners, artistes and innovators exclusive intellectual rights regarding many intangible assets and these are for a specified duration.


  • Business owners are given exclusive rights regarding the use of their trademarks as well as geographical indications that were established by the business owners

  • Innovators get protection for their industrial designs, patents, confidential information and trade secrets.

  • Creative artists, on the other hand, are given exclusive copyrights concerning musical, dramatic, artistic and literary works which they have created.

Types of intellectual properties in Singapore

The law in Singapore recognizes several kinds of intellectual properties and the major ones are explained below.

1. Trademarks

Basically, a trademark refers to a sign which you use to distinguish the goods or services you produce from those of other manufacturers. Graphically, a trademark could be represented as a signature or a logo of your company.

Using a registered trademark, it is possible to protect your brand through restricting the use of the logo or the name by other people. After you have acquired it, it will last indefinitely. You only need to renew it after every 10 years. Given the fact that a trademark is a type of intellectual property, it can be licensed or assigned to others.

Importance of registering a trademark

The law does not force anyone to register a trademark in Singapore. However, by registering a trademark regarding your goods or services, you effectively gain a legal monopoly of the mark. It adds value to your business since it may be used for protecting your market share. Also, you could license it to another party like a franchise or even sell it for a tidy sum. A trademark may also help you raise funds for your venture.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights protect works such as computer programs, novels, paintings and plays. In general, authors of copyrighted works reserve the sole right to reproduce, perform, publish, communicate as well as adapt their work. It is these exclusive rights that are referred to as the copyright. They enable the owner of the work to control his work’s commercial exploitation.

Things protected by copyright

The role of copyright is to protect expression of ideas like illustrations and words. It does not protect ideas alone. The following are the things that copyright protects.

• Dramatic works (for instance film and drama scripts)
• Literary works (for instance written words and computer programs source codes)
• Musical works like melodies
• Films
• Sound recordings
• Artistic works like paintings and photographs
• Cable programs
• TV and radio broadcasts
• Performances

Things not protected by copyright

• Discoveries
• Concepts or ideas
• Procedures
• Subject matter not being of original authorship
• Subject matter or works which have not been presented in tangible form either in writing or recording

3. Patents

A patent refers to a right that is granted to someone who has invented something and it aims to prevent other people from making, importing, selling or using the invention without the express permission of the inventor.

An invention that is considered patentable could be a process or a product providing a new technical panacea to a problem. Also, it could be a new methodology of doing things, technical improvements regarding how certain objects function or composing a new product.

According to Singapore laws, a patent lasts 20 years once granted from Date of Filling. In the meantime, a patent holder must pay annual renewal fees.

4. Registered deigns

A design means the features of shapes, ornament or patterns, or configurations applied to articles using any industrial process. By registering a design, you effectively protect an article’s external appearance. Primarily, registered designs are meant to safeguard designs for use industrially.

Why register a design

Through registration of a design, you not only get an exclusive right to ownership but also the right to stop other people using your design without your express authorization. There are many ways through which you may exploit your design. When you prevent copying by other people, it will safeguard your market share. Also, you could sell the design or license it to others for a fee.

5. Common Law Rights

Things such as goodwill, reputation, know-how and confidential information are protected using common law. However, Singapore does not have a specific statutory legalization.


What is a Trademark License?

This is an agreement that exists between the trademarks owner (licensor) and a given entity (the licensee) and through this, the licensor gives the licensee permission to use the trademark he or she owns for commercial purposes.

You need to remember the registration of these trademarks as well as trademark licenses as they are often governed by the Singapore’s Intellectual Property Office that is a statutory board located under Ministry of Law. In addition to the above function, they offer guide that provide information on the Singapore regulations that regards the registration of the trademark license.

What are Trademark license agreement & license registration?

It is not mandatory to register trademark licenses with the Singapore trademark office. However, for notice purposes, it is important for Singaporean to continue providing this record of license to enable parties to be aware of the presence of the license.

Once a license is recorded to the Registrar, every individual shall deem to have had the notice of it. This means that failure to record any given trademark license don’t render the license to be invalid.

Business register trademarks by signing trademark license agreement to authorize another entity who may want to use it elsewhere. You need to remember that the license is always granted via the formal written agreement that has detailed description of that particular authority scope, as well as terms & conditions of use.

A trademark license agreement often includes:

  1. Details of licensor as well as the license
  2. Details of the given trademark being licensed
  3. The scope as well as terms of usage of license and this includes any territorial restrictions
  4. Quality standards that needs to be followed and this include the quality control measures
  5. Financial terms of trademark license
  6. Exclusivity of trademark license

The licensor is responsible for the supervision of quality of goods in respect to the licensee that is uses in the registered trademark. The licensee is to make sure that quality of these goods uses the respect of the registered trademark in the market.

Prior to the year 2007, most of the licenses could be recorded only with the Registrar whenever they were related to the registered trademarks. Nevertheless, there were several significant amendments to the Singapore trademark laws right in the year 2007, with an aim of ordering people of Singapore to conform to the obligations under Singapore Treaty on Law of Trademarks that was administered by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

Following the trademark (Amendment) Act 2007, this law now provides for recordal of the licenses that relates to the pending trademarks for the people who want them. You need to know that an application for registration of the trademark license can also be submitted to Registry of Trade Marks by posting online or submitting a hand written material to the legal authority. In conclusion, this information should help you to make the best choice whenever registering for a trademark.


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