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What are the Government Funding & Assistance Schemes in Singapore?

In general, it’s good to accept the fact that lack of finance is often the most common stumbling issue for start- ups in Singapore. Basically, in this regard, the role of the government in Singapore and the other associated agencies cannot in anyway be overemphasized in contributing to this nation’s success at a start- up friendly country. On the top of the government’s agenda, enterprise development is usually on the…Read more

What are the types of Loans in Singapore

Are you aware of the types of loans in Singapore that all banks facilitate customers in an exceptional manner? Checking out more information in this context will let you go through numerous options as per the given situation. Perhaps, you need to understand the process in detail without going through any major issues for sure. All you need is consider the exact loan type before getting along with one as…Read more

What is Intellectual Property Rights in Singapore?

Intellectual Property, abbreviated as IP and known also as Industrial Property, refers to various kinds of creations of the human mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. The Intellectual property Law exists to grant business owners, artistes and innovators exclusive intellectual rights regarding many intangible assets and these are for a specified duration. Examples: Business owners are given exclusive rights regarding the use of their trademarks as well as geographical…Read more
What is a Trademark License?

What is a Trademark License?

This is an agreement that exists between the trademarks owner (licensor) and a given entity (the licensee) and through this, the licensor gives the licensee permission to use the trademark he or she owns for commercial purposes. You need to remember the registration of these trademarks as well as trademark licenses as they are often governed by the Singapore’s Intellectual Property Office that is a statutory board located under Ministry…Read more
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