Singapore seems to have it all these days. For example, it’s a hub for fintech and other industries and more and more foreign investors are choosing to put their money into this beautiful city-state. As well, the progressive Singaporean government is planning to upgrade healthcare in order to better support the needs of an aging population.

In addition, Singapore is renowned for its extremely low crime rate. Since the city-state has so much appeal, it’s not surprising that it’s become a popular tourist destination for Chinese residents who want to expand their horizons.

Chinese Tourists Are Choosing Singapore as Their Preferred Destination

In recent years, Indonesians were the most likely to travel to Singapore just for fun. However, these days, Chinese vacationers are outpacing them. China is now the visitor segment which is growing the fastest.

According to a survey which was published by, in the middle of July, 2017, the Republic of Singapore is the number-one Asia Pacific vacation getaway of Chinese citizens. expects this hot trend to continue for at least the next twelve months.

Lot of information about the survey results was also added online, at For example, regional marketing director, Jessica Chuang, feels that the growing middle class in China, which has plenty of disposable income to spend on entertainment, including travel, is one important reason why tourists from China are coming to the Republic in ever-greater numbers.

However, other factors also tie in…

Another one is relaxed regulations for visas for nationals from China. Rules for visas changed in 2015. Since that time, Singapore has welcomed more and more Chinese nationals each and every year. For 2017, statistics show that Chinese visitor numbers in Singapore increased by 13.7 percent during the 1st quarter. Chinese visitors now outrank Indonesian visitors as the biggest growth market for Singaporean tourism.

The average age of visitors from China ranges between eighteen and fifty-seven. All of this data was compiled utilizing metrics and information from As well, data and metrics from third parties was gathered.

Most Chinese tourists stay in Singapore for a week when they visit and spend a lot of money while they are there. The average expenditure per day of a Chinese tourist is four hundred and forty-six American dollars. That’s S$610!

Marketing to Chinese Tourists is Smart

Obviously, marketing to these cash-rich tourists is a super-smart strategy. All over the world, business people are working hard to understand the intricacies of Chinese culture (and spending habits) and then using what they learn in order to attract (and then meet the needs of) Chinese consumers. In all niches, from high fashion to hospitality and beyond, the power of the Chinese consumer is noticed and it factors into tons of business and marketing plans.

In Singapore, it’s safe to say that lots of people who sell goods and services are rejoicing over the big amounts that Chinese nationals spend while they are in Singapore. It’s also safe to say that retailers are doing their level best to make their businesses incredibly appealing to Chinese tourists.