Searching for Help to Register your Partnership Firm?

Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants is your ultimate service provider for getting your partnership registered. We have a professional and experienced team assisting you in the setting up of a partnership firm in Singapore by handling all the formalities required by the government.

Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants specializes in company registration and filing of all legal formalities. We offer you the service of an express registration of your partnership firm based on the subjection to approval from ACRA.

Incorporation of Partnership firms in Singapore

A partnership firm is whereby two to twenty people come together to start a business with an objective of making profits, which will be shared among the partners.

A partnership firm is not a separate legal entity and therefore cannot own a property. Neither can it be sued or sue anyone. Hence, partners will be personally held liable for all the debts.

It is important to note that Partnership firms in Singapore can be 100% foreign owned but it is advised that foreigners should opt to set up a Private Limited Company so that they can take advantage of the $100,000 tax exemption.

Important Characteristics of a Partnership Firm Required by ACRA in Singapore:

  • A partnership firm is to have a minimum of two and a maximum of 20 members as partners
  • A Partnership registration needs to be renewed annually
  • Partners are personally liable for all debts, losses and obligations
  • The partners need to be of a minimum age of 18
  • Residential Addresses of the Partners
  • Consent to act as a Manager and or a statement of Qualification to act as a Manager
  • If Partnership firm is a company, the registration details of the company are required.

We are offering you a package for registering your Partnership firm in Singapore with several complimentary features for a fee of S$408. These services are for partnerships jointly owned by Singaporeans or Permanent Residents and or Foreigners.

Our Business Registration Singapore – Partnership Formation package only costs *$408. Our package includes: (*Jointly owned by Singaporean / Permanent Residents & Foreigners) 

  • Professional Fees for Registration
  • ACRA Incorporation fees
  • 7 days trial version of MYOB Premier Accounting Software

We also offer you services for only the registration of your Partnership firm without the virtual office, round self-inking stamps at the mere fees of S$358 inclusive of the ACRA fees.

The above-mentioned services are to register two partners only. Any additional partner would be charged at S$80 per partner.

Bank account opening is subjected to banks’ approval.

You would need to provide us with the following information before we can proceed with the registration of your Partnership Firm:

  • 2 to 3 proposed names for your partnership firm
  • Description of Partnership firms Principal activities to be conducted not more than two activities.
  • Registered office address; in this case you can use Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants’ office address
  • NRIC Copy of the Manager (Note that only Singaporeans/ PR’s can be the local manager)
  • NRIC Copy of local partners and passport copy along with proof of foreign address in the case of foreign partners.