It is absolutely impossible to compete in today’s ultra competitive business environment without an online presence that your customers can find, engage with, and learn quite a bit more about your company and your products or services without you having to do any of the heavy lifting all day long.

Thankfully, blog technology today (namely the open source blog technology WordPress that powers nearly 50% of all websites today) makes it really easy to set up an online company blog and build your business from the ground up with next to no real resources – at least from a monetary standpoint.

How to Create a Successful Business Blog

You just have to be really smart and really savvy about how you go about setting up your business blog so that you can cash in on your efforts, rather than burn out and coming for a crash landing when you find out people aren’t anywhere near as excited about what you have to offer as he thought they might have been.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you really hit the ground running with your new business blog!

Understand your audience

A lot of people (including some pretty smart and savvy business owners and entrepreneurs) start their business blog building journey in exactly the wrong spot – looking for web designers that can create something flashy as opposed to figuring out EXACTLY what their audience wants and then giving them that and nothing else.

You see, on the web today – with so many different choices, so many different websites to visit, and so many different businesses all competing for the exact same customers – content is everywhere.

You really have to drill down into understanding exactly what your customers want most so that you can give them exactly that, cutting through the noise in your market and building a real relationship with them.

Perfect your persona

The other thing that you really have to master when building up your business blog is to take the time to create a business persona that you are going to project onto your market – almost like a character, if you will – that really resonates with your ideal prospects expectations as well.

There’s a reason why people have absolutely no trouble whatsoever believing that Indiana Jones could be both a treasure hunter digging through tombs and a Harvard professor – and that’s because of the costuming and the persona that he projects depending upon his circumstances and environment.

What you’re going to want to do is understand that your business blog is a business tool first and foremost, and because they’re so much content out there you need to create a business persona and character that resonates with your customer. Find out who they’d like to interact with most and write your posts from that perspective.

Court controversy and market like crazy

At the end of the day, you’re always going to have a tough time debating against a flood of free information that pours into the Internet on a daily basis – unless of course you are willing to court controversy and market your business blog like crazy.

Don’t be shy about alienating anyone (ANYONE) that isn’t your ideal prospect and likely to give you money, and make sure that you market and advertise your business blog just as aggressively as your products and services.