Uber is a famous ride-share company which has gotten some pretty bad press as of late! It’s CEO, whose name is Travis Kalanich, was filmed as he argued with a driver over the cost of the ride! This public relations snafu has had far-reaching consequences for the company. One of the secrets to weathering these types of storms in leadership, business and life is developing a strong sense of humility.

Mr. Kalanich made a mistake when he berated one of his own drivers. He will benefit from displaying more humility in the future. Anyone can benefit from this. Now, let’s talk about why humility really matters…

Discover the Value of Humility in Leadership, Business and Life

Humility Should Be Embraced

Dealing with people whose egos are swollen can be a little bit of a nightmare. A big ego turns most people off. Any air of superiority is not going to help you get where you want to be. Almost everyone thinks too highly of themselves at times. It’s definitely a fine line between having healthy confidence and going overboard. It’s a delicate dance to believe in yourself, without getting a big head.

If you want to move forward in business, keeping an eye on your own ego will be important. When you manage to remain humble, people will want to help you when you fall, instead of enjoying your failure. This help from others often comes in handy. Sometimes, it’s the difference between survival and the demise of a business.

If you want others to build you up when you need it badly, you need to reciprocate. For this reason, we think one of the secrets of developing and maintaining humility is helping other people. Build them up and you’ll take the focus off of yourself and your own ego, needs and wants. You’ll take a break from yourself. When you need help in return, the person you helped is likely to do the same for you.

This many not always happen, but it might. At the least, you’ll show kindness and unselfishness and these are traits which are well worth nurturing in yourself.

Humble People are Self-aware

People with huge egos usually have “loss of insight”. They don’t really know how other people see them. Those who are humble in leadership, business and life tend to be quite self-aware. They do know how other people see them and they want to send a message that they aren’t egomaniacs. While we all have our moments, cultivating self-awareness will be really beneficial.

If you need help in this area, consider polishing your image by participating in charitable initiatives in your community. You may do this on behalf of your business or on your own. What’s important is to not look for self-aggrandizement from the experience. Don’t toot your horn or your company’s horn. When you’re humble and helpful, word will get around. You won’t need to worry about that.

So, why not spend some time developing humility today? It’s one of the keys to keeping people on your side as your business fortunes rise and fall…