It’s going to become a little bit more challenging for people from around the world that work in Singapore to bring their families over there with them.

New changes being rolled out by the Ministry of Manpower are now raising the minimum salary bar significantly (by more than $1000 a month) on those that are hoping to apply for visas that will allow them to bring their spouse, their children, and their parents over to Singapore.

Dependent Pass for Family members

After September 1, these foreigners are going to have to earn at least $5000 a month if they are going to apply for the Dependent Passes that help them to bring their children or their spouse over to Singapore. Those that are hoping to bring their parents to Singapore are going to have to apply for Long Term Visit Passes, and they are going to have to earn at least $10,000 a month – up from just $8000 a month before these changes came into play.
The Ministry of Manpower has decided to make these changes in an effort to enact more severe rules on employers that are looking to bring in foreign experts and employees from all corners of the globe. Though this isn’t the first change in the policy that the Ministry of Manpower has ever rolled out, it is one of the most significant jumps as far as the income requirements are concerned.

This is all being done in an effort to make sure that sponsors have no trouble whatsoever maintaining an appropriate lifestyle for all of the dependence that they bring over, and is in no way whatsoever meant to derail or hinder the ability for organizations and businesses in Singapore to bring highly skilled professionals over to help improve their operations.

According to information published by the Ministry of Manpower, more than 178,000 people were using Employment Passes and 170,000 or so were using S Passes – with both groups being impacted by these new changes.
Industry insiders (including a number of general security operations executives for big businesses already in Singapore) are under the impression that these changes have been handed down from the government so that organizations will begin targeting higher caliber foreign employees. With the new income caps being raised for those foreign professionals to bring their families over businesses are going to have to think long and hard about who they entice – as they are the ones that are going to have the bill with a salary that allows these professionals to invite their families over.

This is likely being done in an effort to encourage Singapore businesses to target more critical personnel, more innovative personnel, and more professional personnel. It’s also likely to spur a major development in the promotion department of most businesses and organizations, as foreign professionals that do not meet these new salary requirements are likely going to be pushing pretty hard for the bump in pay that brings their family over with them.

All in all, it looks like a win-win for everyone involved!