Entrepreneurship in polytechnics: Encouraging students to start own business

Most in the business community are well aware of the very friendly policies that the Singapore government has always had in place to help promote their local, national, and international economy – but many are just now starting to discover just how serious the Singapore government is about fostering the next generation of creative and innovative entrepreneurs right here at home.

Poly-technical schools have been popping up left and right in Singapore over the last 10 years or so, in large part thanks to the dramatic influx of funding provided by the government and a handful of private investments.

Students here have the opportunity to move forward in initiatives that help them hit the ground running with real deal entrepreneurial training at a young age, allowing them to compete against the rest of the world in the middle of what many consider to be the most competitive business environment in human history.

It isn’t easy building the “next big thing” in business today

In the early 2000s upon until about five years or so ago, all of the old barriers of entry to building a business had fallen by the wayside thanks in large part to the power, reach, and communication capabilities that the Internet brought to the table.

It was finally possible for anyone with a dream, a laptop, and Internet connection, and a domain name to create a global business right out of thin air – and more people pursued their financial future with this kind of approach than ever before.

Today though, the tech companies that were able to really cemented themselves during this “Wild West” kind of atmosphere has started to reestablish new barriers of entry. The world is more competitive today than it has ever been, and the entrepreneurs of the future need to be prepared for all of the challenges that they are bound to meet.

Poly-technical schools give students real experience that they deserve
New funding from the government has been specifically set aside to help with relief further improvements and innovations in the Polytech world, giving these facilities and educational organizations access to all of the tools and technology they need to dramatically improve their operations, their curriculum, and the resources that they can provide their students.

In this way, Singapore is very much “betting on the house”.

Rather than push forward with initiatives that simply do the work international talent to Singapore (though that is still a big part of the economic plan for this country) Singapore is boring more and more money, more and more resources, and more influencers into Polytech schools to make sure that the next generation of capitalists, entrepreneurs, and investors have access to everything they need to become a force in the future business landscape.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to see why Singapore is investing so heavily in themselves. Already the jewel of Southeast Asia and a main influencer in the international economic community, they aspire to be better every day and they are living up to their expectations.