For people that rely on public transportation on a regular basis, the idea of being unable to use mobile devices while on the go is something that is incredibly difficult to fathom. With all of the different types of technology in today’s society, it’s not a surprise that users now have the ability to take advantage of smart bus-stops while on their daily commute. These unique implementations are essential for keeping travelers entertained whether they’re going to visit family or simply going to work in the morning.

Singapore has created its very first Smart Bus Stop and it’s located at Jurong Gateway Road at Jurong East Central. You’ll be able to find the revolutionary invention directly behind JCube.

Users will be able to acquire a wide variety of entertainment opportunities from the bus stop including free WiFi, charging points for a variety of different devices, and a smart board. The smart board alone gives travelers access to bus timings, eBooks that they can download, location maps, and more. There is also an integrated swing, parking for people that use bicycles, and a green roof. To add to the aesthetic of the entire unit, artwork from Lee Xin Li, a local illustrator is displayed for traveler’s amusement.

The entire project is a pilot to determine whether travelers are interested in all of the features included with the bus stop and will be available for a year starting August 2016. You’ll also have access to the free WiFi as of September 2016. In order to help ensure that more bus stops are created in the future, travelers are encouraged to leave their feedback to help with improvements to the service.

This comes at the perfect time for Singapore as the government recently announced that they will be working on a variety of technologically advanced projects that are designed to implement technology in the country. With a variety of other pilot projects such as community online order pickup spots, the smart bus stops help to make commuting something that it has never been before, fun.

Above all, the largest benefit of the new smart bus stop is that it is entirely free for travelers to use. You won’t have to worry about using the majority of your data while streaming media as you wait for the bus, you can also get your daily workout in with the help of the swing. The green roof is perfect for shielding prospective passengers from the heat of the sun, essentially creating a safe and comfortable place for people to enjoy their time prior to boarding.

Depending on the popularity of the bus stop and the approval of the features by the general public, these smart bus stops could become a permanent fixture throughout the country. Also, knowing the influence that Singaporean technological inventions have on other countries around the world, you could expect to see different takes on smart bus stops throughout Europe, North America, and other countries in Asia. It truly is an innovation in terms of making an everyday commute more entertaining.