Fragrance 43ºN is the first product from food zone to enter Singapore through Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone and is said to launch by year’s end. The japonica rice is not only backed by food zone, but is guaranteed to be a hit due to its backing with other companies that have built up trust with the public. The plan is to launch the product with 60 tons of the rice being important and available for purchase at a variety of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and the like to make it more available to the public.

What makes it Special?
There are several things that make this Fragrance 43ºN japonica rice different from a variety of others on the market. For instance it was not only harvested, but processed and imported with SSJFZ’s integrated food safety regulations in mind. This is also the first agri-food project of this caliber to be ready for the public and a good option for those who will be purchasing rice. It is promising to not only being a high quality product, but high yielding making it affordable for consumers to purchase from stores and shops.

Providing Farm to Table Quality
One of the goals that Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone has for this particular rice is that of the kind of quality that you would expect from a farm to table kind of food product. The safety procedures that have been put into place not only help to ensure that the rice is of the highest quality but to gain the trust of consumers. They also want to ensure that the product, while high yielding, doesn’t fall in quality as they produce mass amount of the rice to import into Singapore. While many investors have been brought into this project, it is being forecasted that the product will turn out smoothly.

The people of Singapore who are looking to find this rice once it hits shelves can expect to see packages in both 2.5kg and 5kg packs for an incredibly fair price. Keeping watch on the shop shelves towards the end of this year will ensure that you find this product in no time at all as the company wants to supply as much as possible before year end and hoping it will continue to be a hit after the New Year. This is a testament of the type of development processes that companies can go through to ensure that consumers not only have access to a high quality product, but that they can trust the product. They also want to show the amount of progress they can achieve while also supplying safe and high quality product for other things as well such as supplements and food alike. The Fragrance 43ºN japonica rice is sure to be an amazing product with many uses while also meeting quotas and other expectations for use in food products like cereals, oils and other foods in China, Singapore, and a variety of other places.