Even though the overwhelming majority of folks on the planet today take advantage of social media to interact with friends, family, complete and total strangers and even some of the biggest celebrities and superstar athletes in history, businesses use social media for – surprise, surprise – business (even if they aren’t using it as effectively as they could or should be).

Generating leads through social media can really help you streamline your overall sales operation in ways that you may not even be aware of right now. When pulled off perfectly, ANY social media platform can help flood your marketing funnels with a tremendous amount of highly qualified leads that give you the best opportunity to convert into paying customers and clients.

How to generate leads through social media

Some of the big benefits you will enjoy when you start to generate leads through social media include cutting down the costs of lead generation by up to 45% compared to more traditional approaches and improving the revenue generated from these leads by nearly 25%.

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of everything that social media has to offer your business today. Here’s how to improve your lead generation operation almost overnight with social media!

Who is your perfect prospect?

It may be easier to reach literally anyone – and we mean ANYONE – today than it has ever been before, but that doesn’t mean that businesses are really thinking out WHO they want to reach when it comes to prospecting and lead generation.

Without knowing exactly who your ideal prospect and your ideal client really is you’ll never know which of the major social media networks to target for your lead generation activities, what kinds of “bait” are likely to attract the most, and what you have to do to move them from complete stranger to paying repeat customer or client as efficiently as possible.

Spend the bulk of your time in this research and ALL of your marketing and advertising efforts (as well as the products and services you offer) will get much better.

Match your message to your market via the right medium

Generating leads through any major social media network is going to require taking a unique approach that your competitors aren’t while still “playing by the rules” that people using the social media networks are going to embrace.

All of the different social media platforms out there have their own “flavor”, all of them have different “rules of the road”, and all of them have different approaches you will be able to leverage when it comes time to communicate with folks on these platforms.

You’ll want to create as “native advertising” as possible – the kind of advertising and lead generation efforts on social media that doesn’t come across as advertising or lead generation efforts on the surface.

Folks today are incredibly sensitive towards overt plays for their business or their hard-earned money. If you make that kind of heavy-handed effort you’re going to be rebuffed every step of the way, but if you learn how to generate leads while camouflaging them on the social media networks everything becomes a lot easier