Google is a global powerhouse and it’s setting its sights on Singapore. Recently, powers-that-be at Google announced that Google is going to train one thousand Singapore business leaders, via training providers which are global, and that the training is expected to be completed by 2019. The focus will be on training business leaders who own or manage small and medium-sized companies.

In terms of details of the training plan, Google has plans to work with a company called Avado, which is based in the United Kingdom, as well as with Spring Singapore and the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Together, the various companies will create a program known as Squared Online for SMEs. SMEs stands for small and medium enterprises.

The new Squared Online initiative is a program for marketing and digital leadership. It will assist SME business leaders and staff members with digitalising their firms and navigating the digital landscape, which is always evolving. Google’s South East Asia regional director is named Ghislain Le Chatelier and she has remarked that Squared one fits the mandate for Singapore’s SMEs Go Digital program. Google Plans to Train One Thousand Singapore Business VIPs by 2019

This Program Will Develop Skills

The program is designed to give SME business leaders the right skill sets and plenty of digital marketing knowledge. It will allow them to move their businesses forward.

As well, the program will show companies how to achieve global scale via online marketing tactics and online business practices. It’s an offshoot of the Squared One program which already exists and which has trained one thousand students in eighteen different Asia Pacific nations. Also, it’s already instructed four hundred and fifty students who came from international organizations, including iProspect, Prudential, Mediacorp and American Express.

According to Google leaders, one hundred and twenty participants per group may participate. The overall goal is to train one thousand small and medium-sized business owners during the period from 2017 to 2019. Some companies are already signed on for the initial cohort. Examples include Quantum Safety Network, Benjamin Barker and Nanyang Optical.

How to Learn More

There is a lot of buzz about this program out there online and keeping abreast of Singapore business news via this website will help you to keep your finger on the pulse of this new initiative. Also, Google will surely release more facts about the program as time goes on.

Singapore is attracting a lot of attention from the global business community, in part because its government is so committed to pushing business forward in this island city-state. Since Singapore does have a lot of SMEs and plenty of support for these companies, from start-ups to established firms, it’s a great place for everyone to do business.

Google is a global leader in digital marketing and this new initiative will allow small and medium-sized business owners in Singapore to access skills and knowledge which are Google-approved. It will give SMEs the power to grow by showing their leaders how to use the latest digital marketing techniques. It’s all about helping SMEs to become the most profitable companies that they can be.