How to register a company in Singapore?

The first step to registering a company in Singapore would be to determine the structure of the business owner’s business and under which sector they wish to register under, be it a Sole proprietorship, a Partnership or a Limited Liability Partnership.

Once that is determined, the business owner will have to register their business with ACRA, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority by way of online submission through Bizfile, which requires a Singpass in order to be accessed.

If the business owner is a member of a foreign company who intends to set up a branch here in Singapore, they are required to appoint local agents to assist them in the registration. They will also be required to apply for Singpass after they have applied and received their Entrepass from the Ministry of Manpower.

The registration process should only take around 15 minutes to be completed. In the event that there requires additional approval from other government sectors, the procedure will need at least 14 days to finish.


From there on after, business owners can renew their registration through BizFile when necessary, or inform ACRA through the same method if there is any change in their business details.

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