After completing the business registration process, mastering the four-hour social media strategy is important to maximise social media marketing. For most small businesses and start-ups, the issue of engaging in social media is not discovering the right platform, but discovering the time to post, share or like. Any business owner that is not networking is missing a big opportunity for business growth.

Potential customers and future leads are online waiting for them, particularly on social channels. Note that half of all sales made are due to recommendations received from social media sites. Moreover, brand names are stated more frequently during conversations with family, friends and co-workers.

There are various channels available including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are useful tools. Once the business owners have created accounts, it is time for them to begin applying the four-hour social media strategy.

First hour: Cultivating

After business owners have created an account on social media sites, they need to get the relevant content for their business and industry. Moreover, they need quality and useful content for their audience. There are different online tools they can use to develop content for social channels. As they cultivate content, they should use this time to think about scheduling. The different social media sites have better acceptance thoughts and engagement than others. For instance,

• Facebook is better on weekdays from 1-4pm, and peaks on Wednesdays at 3 p.m

• Linkedin is more active Tuesday to Thursday, and peaks on noon to 6 p.m

• Twitter flies high on Monday to Thursday between 1 p.m and 3 p.m

When small businesses know about the right time to post they are more likely to engage their customers when they are available. During this hour, it is also the right time to plan posts to maintain their social media platforms active during the week.

Second hour: Generating

Business owners should spend the second hour crafting the collected data to a readable form, incorporated with videos, photos, infographics and any material that will be attractive to their audience.


Posts with images get more comments, likes, and clicks compared to plain text. They should consider how they will present their information to the reader. The most important thing here is getting the reader’s attention. Posting three original posts per week is commendable. Also, 3-minute video content is better compared to a long one.

Third hour: Communicating

Businesses need to spend time communicating with their friends and followers. It is best to divide this hour into 10-15 minutes daily to log in online. They should increase online presence, thank readers for comments/shares/likes, respond to posts, give opinions, and useful advice. Moreover, it is ideal to schedule this part the same time every week. This trains their audience to know a specific time they are available online.

Fourth hour: Management

To properly manage social media channels, business owners should search for other companies and people that are relevant to their business and sector and follow them. Reputation is enhanced as they connect with other businesses, increase exposure plus gain more followers/friends along the way. By doing so, they learn from them and thus avoid common mistakes that newbies make. The recommended time is spending half an hour a week to find them.

Applying the mastered four-hour social media strategy is a good path towards great success. Therefore, Singaporean business owners should continue exploiting the great benefits of social media marketing.