A brand-new award for social entrepreneurship was announced on the eighth of May, 2017, within Singapore. The launch of the new award is designed to acknowledge people from social groups (in addition to individual philanthropists), for their achievements in terms of helping the needy. The award recognizes the efforts of worthy Singaporeans, as well as others within the Asean area.

Known as the Asean Social Impact Award, the new award is the brainchild of the Department of Social Work at the National University of Singapore. The University is known as NUS for short. The award was inspired by Dr. EE Peng Liang, whose good deeds earned him the nickname, “the father of charity”. He was a businessperson who launched an array of charitable foundations, including the Singapore Council for Social Service and the Community Chest.

New Award Will Increase Social Entrepreneurship Activity Within Asean Region

The chairman of the new award, Stanley Tam, feels that having a genuine practitioner is the best way to demonstrate the award’s intended message and this is why the award will recognize the achievements of a person who has lived a truly charitable life in service of those who are disadvantaged. The award and the story of its recipient are designed to inspire others and push them towards social entrepreneurship. It’s about exposing everything that it special and important about social work.

This award is available to candidates of many ages, from different nationalities. The candidates should work for groups which are marginalized within the Asean region. Candidates will need to have worked on their initiatives for three years, with measurable and positive impact.

It’s anticipated that more than one hundred and twenty applications will be received. After these applications have been reviewed, a small group of five candidates will be short-listed, based on the level of social impact that they’ve triggered. Other factors to be considered by the review panel for the award include innovation quality, sustainability and entrepreneurial quality. The three chosen finalists will each get up to fifty thousand dollars which may be utilized in order to help them with their social entrepreneurship.

Giving inspirational social entrepreneurs access to more funding is a great way to empower them, so this new award is definitely something to get excited about. It’s expected to spark even better social work initiatives which are cost-effective and effective in terms of helping those who need help the most.

Singapore is a Progressive City-State

The island city-state of Singapore is known for its progressive government. The government and other national leaders, such as universities, work together in order to support business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. As well, Singapore is known for its livability, as it has a very low crime rate and good real estate values. The nation is currently turning attention to its health care system in order to upgrade it with a mind to helping Baby Boomers get the care that they will need.

At all times, Singapore’s leaders and great minds are making positive changes. This new award is just another shining example of why Singapore is a great place to live, work and move towards social change.