Singapore is world-renowned for its progressive government, which does a lot to help citizens and foster a supportive business environment for Singaporeans and foreign investors.

Now, the government is moving forward by offering new initiatives which will set up a central office that will coordinate “A 3 H” strategy which is designed to boost “digital readiness”. It’s a three-prong initiative, whereby “heart” will boost access to digital tech, “head” will improve digital literacy and “hands” will develop digital “makers”.

New Office Will Prepare Singapore for Increasingly-digital Society

News about the new initiatives was released seven days ago by the island city-state’s government, which hopes to nurture a society that is increasingly-digital, by making sure that residents of Singapore are able to access tech, understand how it works and get excited about utilizing it in order to improve their lives. This new initiative is designed to complement the building of an economy which is digital and government services which are digital.

The new plan was announced during the MCI Workplan Seminar 2017, by Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, who outlined the three main facets of the plan during a speech. As well, he talked about establishing a program for digital readiness which will coordinate private/public sector efforts with the efforts of organizations that function on a voluntary basis.

People with Disabilities Will Benefit

Making access easier for those with disabilities is one overarching goal of the new initiative. With this in mind, the government has been overseeing a program known as Enable IT, which grants those with special needs access to special technology which helps them to enjoy fuller lives. Infocomm technology and Assistive Technology used in the program will make it easier for the disabled to get educated, handle the tasks associated with daily living and access employment.

The program is administered via IMDA, which is the Infocomm Media Development Authority, and other organizations. It is anticipated to assist three thousand beneficiaries over a four year period. At present, it helps about two thousand disabled people.

The Central Office Will Run the Program

The new central office will be in place to boost alignment among the various programs which will implemented by voluntary, private and public organisations. It’s all about making a digital society a reality, which helps the government and other affiliated organisations to meet the needs of citizens who need help the most. The office will be the fulcrum for a big network of organisations. As well, it will do research on global initiatives for “digital readiness” and look for gaps in current digital readiness efforts in Singapore. Lastly, it will come up with a long-term plan for building a society which is digital.

As you can see, Singapore is on the cutting-edge. Its leaders are visionary and they are always looking to the future. This new initiative promises to make life easier for the island city-state’s residents. In particular, it’s great news for those who are disabled and want to use digital technology and services in order to get more from life, employment and education. So, there is a lot to be excited about!