A brand-new program that will go into effect on 1 January 2018 will allow Singapore citizens traveling to Australia to get a six year visa that allows them to stay in that nation for up to three months at a time, regardless of whether or not they are there for pleasure or for business.

This is part of a major new initiative and partnership being established between the governments of Singapore and Australia. For years and years now, these two nations have been incredibly friendly towards one another, but since Singapore has continued to build on its reputation in the global community – and since the nation has become such a major driver of economic growth in the region – Australia and Singapore have gotten even closer.

New six-year Aussie visa for Singaporeans

A brand-new six-year Australian visa for Singapore citizens goes in place next January

The new visa program is only going to be available to citizens of Singapore and has a variety of other significant advantages that simply will not be made available to other member nations. For starters, Singapore citizens and Australians between the ages of 18 and 30 will be able to work and vacation in each country for up to an entire year without any restrictions.

Any other Singaporean citizens are going to be able to visit Australia for a six-year block of time without having to reapply for a visa, while being able to stay in Australia for three months concurrently before they have to “leave” – for at least one day – which then in turn allows them to return for another three month block of time.

This will almost certainly deepen relationships between Australia and Singapore across the board

The economic impact of this agreement is expected to be tremendous, providing both Singapore and Australia with the opportunity to deepen relationships, improve the entrepreneurial spirit of their young people, and allow for deeper connections between this next generation of policymakers, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

As highlighted above, the relationship between these two countries has already been pretty strong and very solid. By offering Singapore this program – and only this program – Australia is showing just how much they appreciate everything that Singapore has to offer and is looking to expand the access that they provide to the people of Singapore by making it as easy as possible to travel, stay, and work here.

Australia has become one of the hottest holiday spots around the world for the affluent and business focused of Singapore

At the end of the day, Australia remains one of the most popular holiday spots anywhere around the world for the affluent and business minded people of Singapore. According to reports, nearly 1 million Australians visited Singapore last year, with 400,000 Singaporeans visiting Australia – and many of them had networks of at least $500,000 US or more.

This could be a huge boost for the tourism economy of Australia as well as for Singapore, and it’s likely that those entrepreneurial minded people in Singapore that are visiting Australia will continue to look for new opportunities for growth that they may not have discovered otherwise.