NTU Outpaces NUS in World Rankings

NTU is short for Nanyang Technological University and it’s typically fallen behind NTU (National University of Singapore) in terms of rankings of the international type! However, things are changing. At present, NTU is outpacing the oldest post-secondary educational facility in the island city-state of Singapore.

According to rankings from Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), NTU has moved upwards by a couple of places. Now, it has an overall ranking of 11th. NUS has slipped from the number twelve to the number fifteen position. Another Singapore educational facility for post-secondary students, Singapore Management University, ended up in the lower echelons of the rankings, in the category for 441 to 450.

So, why is NTU rising? Well, it’s improved in some key metrics. There are six metrics overall which are utilized by QS in order to ranking post-secondary educational facilities and NTU has made some advancements in four of these metrics, which measure employer reputation, as well as citations per faculty.

According to QS reps, NUS still leads in terms of citations impact, as well as research output overall.

However, NTU has a higher score overall because of the way that QS analyzes and ranks the importance of impact for research. QS has altered the way that it puts together data and this adjustment started in 2015. The change was designed to offset the edge that big-volume educational facilities which conduct plenty of medical research enjoy.

As well, NTU features a lower number of faculty staff members. It has forty-three hundred members, while NUS has fifty-one hundred. This means a citations per faculty number score which is higher.

According to QS, this difference is what is driving the success of NTU this annum. Universities which have strong focuses on technology have been improving in a consistent way and gaining traction in the rankings.

A research director for NUS, named Ben Sowter, believes that NTU and NUS have a lot in common with blue-chip American post-secondary educational facilities, such as MIT and Harvard. MIT eclipsed Harvard back in 2012 and NTU is now outpacing NUS.

Singapore Universities are Impressive

As you can see, universities in Singapore are doing all that they can to compete globally. In general, Singapore is renowned for its progressive educational facilities and its progressive government. By choosing to study in Singapore, you’ll access a great education which is on a par with the education that you’d receive anywhere else in the world. It remains to be seen how NUS will respond to the drop in rankings, but it’s a pretty safe bet than NUS leaders will make changes which allow NUS to rise up in the stats.

Singapore is also a great place to do business. The nation supports entrepreneurs by offering grants, funding, mentorship and a range of other supportive programs, some of which are run by banks and some of which are run by the government. Right now, Singapore is a hub for fintech and the island city-state should also see more offshore investment once England’s departure from Brexit comes to fruition.