While more and more business and entrepreneurs are working hard to increase their online presence, there are still some that are reticent to spend the time or money needed to attract more customers online. While updating twitter and facebook is fun, doing so without a bigger plan in mind will not get you the results that you are looking for. It’s important to have a marketing plan that contains achievable techniques in motion from day one. These techniques needs to add value, be accessible and affordable, and are something that customers have come to expect from big companies and brands.

Online Marketing Techniques to Help You Attract More Customers

Search Engine
SEO is necessary to make sure that you site is being picked up by search engines. You have to be high on the search engine ranking for customers to see your sight when they search for the services or products that your company offers. If you don’t understand SEO and the important role that it plays in success then you are missing a key piece of getting your company in front of as many people as possible.

Social Media Marketing
Put your social media accounts to good use and quit tweeting pictures of your lunch. Your customers and potential clients love using social media to interact with big customers, but they want something of value in return. You can increase your visibility and show your brand’s strengths if you use social media correctly.

Content Marketing
If you’re looking for sign-ups or email addresses from visitors you will need to have some form of content marketing in place. Most online visitors are looking for this on your website, and if you don’t offer if you’ll immediately be at as disadvantage to your competitors. You can use it to attract more traffic to your site or even to help you troubleshoot problems that you’re experiencing.

Personal Branding
While a lot of people focus on personal branding for in-person networking events, it’s even more important for your company and it’s brand online. You need a trustworthy brand to show to other people and to get them to trust you. Companies and other entrepreneurs are more likely to work with someone with a strong brand than with someone who doesn’t show exactly what they stand for. This is free to work on, although it will take some time and brainpower to come up with your perfect personal brand.

Email Marketing
Once you have email addresses from online visitors you need to be smart about how you’re going to use them. Many people won’t open emails that you’ve sent unless they’re sure that you are going to offer them some value. You want to encourage people to come back to your site and to keep your brand at the top of their mind.

Making sure to use all of these techniques to attract more customers is the best way to make it work for you. While you can cherry pick and do them individually, they all work best in a group and will work for you and your business if executed correctly.