The Singapore government has always been very, very friendly towards businesses and has definitely encouraged competition which only fosters innovation, but the mobile data industry in Singapore right now is going through one of the most aggressive price wars the world has ever seen.

Certainly one of the most connected countries on the planet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this country would have so many different telecom companies pushing forward major mobile data innovations while at the same time dramatically slashing prices in a way to attract more customers than their competitors.

But there is something very unique about this particular price war in Singapore over mobile data that is and almost exact opposite to the kinds of competitive activities that telecom companies around the world are practicing right now.

The people of Singapore are getting BETTER deals for LESS money – something that cannot be said about people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or much of Europe.

No, in those very developed Western countries there is a price war in the mobile data world – but it’s companies finding ways to squeeze every penny out of their customers without offering more data, faster data, or unlimited and effortless to leverage plans.
This is what helps make the battle in Singapore so unique, but also why it is so advantageous for mobile data users in Singapore to sit back on the sidelines and allow this battle to continue to be waged.

12 GB of data available for $5.90 a month

People in the Western world would have absolutely no idea how the people of Singapore are able to get such incredible prices for their mobile data, especially if they knew that the technology that the overwhelming majority of telecoms in Singapore were using were identical to the technological solutions that they are telecom companies were using as well!

Right now it’s possible to get your hands on a $5.90 a month mobile data plan that gives you access to 12 GB of mobile data at the highest possible speeds anywhere in Singapore – a plan that would cost the average mobile data customer in the United States about $108, and that’s without tacking on any talk minutes or texting capabilities!

Many of the biggest telecom companies in Singapore are also offering complete the unmetered and completely unlimited plans, and they are rolling them out one right after another in order to really sheet up the competition between the top companies in the country.

M1, one of the largest telecom companies in Singapore is offering the 12 GB of data for $5.90 a month that we mentioned above, but My Republic and Singapore Telecommunications have also unveiled new data plans in just the last few days – all of them priced at right around six dollars a month to compete directly with one another.

A fourth telecom company has jumped into the mix as well, and if history is any indication more and more Singapore companies are going to have to continue to innovate and cut costs and prices to offer consumers the best possible deal at the best possible price.

It doesn’t get any better than this!