You just finished your business registration in Singapore and plan to market your brand to customers. By now you probably know that Facebook is a very powerful platform for marketing. For proper business incorporation in Singapore, you’ll want to promote your brand on social media. It’s a good step, but without the right plan, your Ad will not deliver the anticipated results. To help you get started with your Ad, here are five things to pay attention to:

#1 Note What You Intend To Accomplish

Before taking a step further and setting up your ad, you need to sit down and figure out what you’re trying to achieve. From something as basic as wanting to gain exposure for your business or generating more traffic to your site to something more prescriptive as a specific number of new customers or new fans. When you set your goals right, you’ll be more well-informed in making effective decisions when creating your ad.

#2 Remember Videos Can Work Better Than Images

Facebook allows less investment on video content that reaches more people as compared to static images. It doesn’t mean that static image isn’t an option to consider, sure they can also catch users’ attention when utilized well, but Facebook barely places them top on the priority list. For less than 25seconds, you have an opportunity to captivate your target customers with a short video. A tip to remember, use a still attention-grabbing image as the thumbnail to motivate users to watch the video.

#3 Test and Prepare Your Text, Image or Video

Don’t test only one message, image or video. Before launching your ad, prepare your text. Because you have no idea whether your audience will prefer a long post or a short one, test both of them. Test a variety of images as well as they will also be important in your marketing. Similarly, you can launch at least two different video ad campaigns to see which one will give you the best response.

#4 Who Are You Targeting And What Do You Want Them To Do?

Facebook ads are quite beneficial because Facebook allows you an option to target your message to the right people. With the advanced targeting features like location or interest, you’re able to market your brand to the right audience.

What action do you want them to take? Based on your ad’s goal, you may want them to perform specific actions within Facebook such as page likes, post engagement, video views or outside Facebook like registering for an event, making a purchase or signing up for services.

#5 You Don’t Need To Spend A Lot

Facebook ads can help you achieve your goals when you do it right. You’ll be able to spend within your budget but still get the results you’re hoping. Before setting up a Facebook ad, consider how much you’re willing to spend to reach your target audience.

Now That You Know:

It’s time to set up your Facebook ad with these few things well kept in mind. Remember that incorporation in Singapore takes a lot of effort immediately after your business registration in Singapore. Facebook ads are a very effective way of marketing and can reap very good rewards after your company formation in Singapore, provided you do it right.