To say that the Singapore economy has quickly established itself as one of the most prosperous anywhere in the is a major understatement.

The Singapore government, the Singapore people, and outside investment into Singapore businesses, startups, and operations have flooded this country with a considerable amount of capital. Singapore continues to reinvent itself (as it always has), pushing forward with economic plans and strategies that allow it to become a dominant force in the global community.

An effort to capitalize on a considerable amount of the investment and the capital that is currently sitting in Singapore right now, this nation – and it’s most forward thinking business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs – are constantly looking for new opportunities to take advantage of.

Australian property represents exactly that kind of opportunity!

In the first half of 2017, the Chinese investments in Australian property have dropped off significantly. We are seeing Chinese investment in Australia drop by nearly 70% compared to the same block of time in 2016, with Chinese investors pulling out left and right and trying to divest themselves of these properties as much as possible.

A lot of this has to do with the shaky economics of China itself in an uncertain future as far as outside property investment is concerned, but this massive exodus of cash and investment has created a vacuum in the Australian property market that Singapore has stepped into – and boy are they taking advantage!

Singapore investors are pumping millions and millions of dollars into the Australian real estate community, taking advantage of casinos, rental and commercial properties, and residential properties alike. Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been allocated for investment in Australia alone by Singapore-based operations, and some industry experts believe that billions of dollars will have been invested in the Australian property market by the time 2025 rolls around.

Again, much of this has to do with the fact that the Singapore economy is absolutely booming right now. Singapore is quickly establishing itself as the “go to” location for new technology, medical, and financial technology startups to establish themselves, with a business friendly government that is serious about growth and becoming a major player in the world of global finance in the near future.

Singapore is flush with cash right now in looking for ways to capitalize, and because of the close relationship that they have with the people and the government of Australia – not to mention the proximity – it’s pretty obvious why they’ve chosen to invest so significantly in this partner nation.

If China continues to pull out investment in the Australian real estate market it’s likely that Singapore will continue to “pick up the slack” while looking for new ways to capitalize on other investment opportunities in Australia as well. It’s impossible to know exactly how things will shake out for all nations involved, but the future is definitely looking bright for those investing in the economies of Singapore and Australia – especially if you own or hope to own investment property!