Singapore has the dream of becoming the world’s first Smart Nation and they may be looking to Danish traditions for a little bit of help. The idea of having a holistic ideology of involving citizens is what entices the country to delve deeper into Danish tradition. Smart City World Labs is a program that has been created in order to meet the demand for learning how nations can become smarter easier.

In order to prepare for the idea of becoming the first Smart Nation, Singapore is focusing on making day to day life easier for residents. With their increased amount of elderly citizens and increasingly larger urban populations, the ability to completely streamline their processes is of the utmost importance. This is another reason as to why the Singaporean government has begun putting a substantial amount of money into ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to help support the future growth of infrastructure and a smart ecosystem. It is important to have a strong foundation for the power that comes with being a Smart Nation.

The entire project is set to use existing services and programs such as the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab and DTU Smart Campus. With their assistance, Singapore will have the opportunity to create their first smart city lab within the region. Individuals will be able to work with different products and solutions for Singaporean and Danish companies that are interested in smart technologies.

Denmark is known for some of the most unique aspects of smart technologies and Singapore is interested in working towards a more technological approach to city planning and mobility. According to the Danish Ambassador to Singapore, Berit Basse, the Living Lab project is the first step to establishing concrete success for a revolutionary way of life in Singapore.

According to a variety of different studies, Denmark is consistently noted as the best European smart city not only for their innovations but also for how well their innovations work. This could be as a result of the length of time Denmark has been working towards becoming a smart city themselves and learning more about how to use the technologies. Known for involving their citizens in both development and urban city planning, there are over 50% of municipalities in Denmark currently using smart city activities to their advantage. They intend on increasing that percentage to at least 80% within upcoming years.

The smart city project is focusing on a variety of unique areas and Singapore is getting inspiration from Denmark in the following components:

Creating smart grids
Traffic solutions
Biking infrastructure
Holistic policy making and urban planning
Smart lighting solutions
Welfare technologies
Healthcare solutions
Handling of data
Water management infrastructure

The entire idea of the Smart City World Labs will run for approximately 2 years, if not longer, exclusively in Singapore. Depending on the success of the project they hope to open other centers across Asia. With the support from over 40 different Danish organizations, schools, companies, and counties, it’s surely an effort that will be put to good use.