We live in maybe the most globalized time in human history.

More and more people are waking up to the reality of today that there’s no such thing as global boundaries or limitations any longer. Airfare and travel is cheaper now than it ever used to be before, and with a pretty stable global economy (after some rough and rocky times in the early 2000’s) and general stability in most nations around the world – outside of the Middle East – a lot of people are taking wing and checking out other nations to set down roots and establish lives.

You will be able to find expatriates in more than 190 nations around the world, and a recent study of almost 30,000 of these expatriates show that Singapore is hands down – and far and away – the very best country for people away from home to establish a new life.

There are a lot of reasons that go into this ranking, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that Singapore has had more than 50 years now of a business friendly and foreigner friendly government that has gone to great lengths to create a crowned jewel in all of Southeast Asia and a nation that people are proud to call home – even if they weren’t born here.

The quality of life in Singapore is absolutely off the charts, especially considering the fact the cost of living (compared to the Western world, anyway) is still so affordable. Education and employment opportunities abound, and with rock solid infrastructure, a dedication to taking advantage of new technologies as they become available, and a government and culture that is very respectful of new ideas and new people it becomes very easy to see why Singapore becomes so attractive.

Combine all of that with a booming financial market, the ability to take advantage of all the financial opportunities Singapore has to offer, and the relatively close proximity to most of Asia – and the rest of the world – and it’s almost a no-brainer to set down roots in Singapore as an expatriate.

New Zealand, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland all ranked very high (they rounded out the top five) in the list of best countries to live in that we mentioned above, but none of them were quite able to not look Singapore off the top spot.

This was surprising to some, considering the fact that Switzerland is home to more than 2,000,000+ foreign residents, a figure that represents close to a quarter of the total population of the country. The biggest reason holding back Switzerland provided by those 30,000 or so ex-pats was the lack of a social life and a low quality of relationships in Switzerland, whereas Southeast Asian nations ranked almost at the top of the charts in all those kinds of categories.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to set down roots – or just experienced life for a long while (12 or more months at a time) in a foreign nation – you’re going to want to at least consider making Singapore your primary stop.

The odds are good you won’t be disappointed.