According to new information released regarding global tourism in 2015 through 2017, Singapore ranks as the second most frequently visited destinations in the Asian Pacific region – but it’s also the number one city in terms of the amount of money that travelers spent while they were visiting an Asian Pacific destination.

This information has been compiled by the MasterCard Global Destination Index, a division of the MasterCard company that tracks tourist and traveler spending all over the world. Bangkok came in as the number one city in the Asian Pacific region with 19.41 million visitors in that block of time, while Singapore had 13.22 million visitors.

At the end of the day, however, travelers to Singapore spent $15.7 billion while they were taking in everything that Singapore has to offer compared to the $14.1 billion that were spent by visitors to Bangkok.

As far as how these numbers stack up compared to cities all over the world, Singapore ranks as the fifth most frequently visited city – a jump from the sixth spot that they held when the previous report was released. New York has shuffled down to the six spot now with 12.7 million visitors, with Bangkok, London, and Paris rounding out the top three spots in Dubai right behind them in a single spot ahead of Singapore.

The report also went on to state that about 75% of all visitors traveling to Singapore were traveling with an interest in leisure and relaxation (a big boost for the tourism community and industry of Singapore), with only about 25% of travelers coming to Singapore for business specifically.

The overwhelming majority of visitors came from China, with 2.3 million visitors pouring into Singapore during this block of time compared to just 700,000 visitors in 2009. Indonesian visitors were best represented next with 2 million visitors, followed by 1 million people from India and a little more than 800,000 people from Australia.

As highlighted above, these numbers reflect very positive figures for the economy of Singapore – especially as far as tourism and hospitality industries are concerned. Singapore has obviously spent a tremendous amount of money to become a major player in the global scene in regards to business, commerce, and industry, but they also are home to some of the most stunning natural pieces of landscape, top beaches in Southeast Asia, and have a rich culture that is attracting tourists from all corners of the globe.

It is interesting that Singapore has been able to “dethrone” New York as one of the most frequently visited cities for the first time since these reports have been released, especially considering just how cemented New York City is as a global destination tourism and commerce. It will definitely be interesting to pay attention to how these two cities move forward from here, and whether or not these cities are following a predictable trajectory (one trending upwards while the other trends downwards) or if they are going to continue to fight it out with the rest of the top cities around the world for supremacy.