A prominent fintech company in Singapore will open a branch in India, as a facet of its far-reaching global expansion plans. The company is called Lattice80 and Lattice80 is definitely one of the biggest hubs for fintech on the planet. This company currently offers infrastructure and office space to eighty-five startup firms in Singapore. As well, Lattice80’s Singapore building is the home of R3, which is a group of financial companies which develop block-chain apps.

Lattice80 receives funding from the Marvelstone Group. This group is lead by Cho and it invests in plenty of fintech companies.

In addition to opening a branch in India, Lattice80 plans to open branches in the Middle East, London and New York. In terms of the India operation, it may become the home to over one hundred startup companies. The office should be opened for business by the end of next month. It’s the first step in a big expansion of global scope.

Right now, the company is discussing business with thirty tenants and finalizing details regarding which companies will occupy its square footage in Visakhapatnam, India. This branch will be located around eight hundred kilometers from Bengaluru. The CEO of Lattice80’s name is Joe Seunghyun Cho and he expects that the structure in India will house about one hundred companies, all of which will be tech startups.

According to Cho, it’s hard to source out great engineers for new tech companies elsewhere in the world. However, it’s easy in India. There are plenty of talented engineers in the country. Since there is such a deep pool in terms of trained and experienced engineers within India, and labor costs in the country aren’t too high, it’s a great place to develop technical resources.

Some firms which are currently occupying space in the Singapore branch office will be using space in the India branch also. These Singapore-based companies want to expand and Lattice80’s own expansion will help them to achieve their goals. One company is Miss Kaya, which is a bank that is just for the ladies. As well, robo-advisors, Smartfolios and Bambu, will be taking the plunge and expanding into India.

After expansions to India and the other locations that we mentioned in this article are complete, Lattice80 will move closer to world domination by expanding into Silicon Valley, which is the heart of the tech industry in America.

Will Lattice80 Be Successful?

The scalability of Lattice80 is good and we believe that this company will achieve success in new parts of the world. Its expansion plan is staggered, so that the team at Lattice80 don’t take on too much at one time. With the fintech niche exploding, this company has its finger on the pulse of the future. It’s a company which offers superb support to startups in fintech.

Now that you know more about this new business development, you’ve got the inside scoop on a Singapore company which is really going places, and taking some other Singapore fintech companies along for the ride.