Facebook Workplace is sweeping through the Singaporean government and will soon be used by all 143,000 of the country’s government employees. With Facebook Workplace, government agencies plan to increase efficiency and digitalization in the workplace.

Singapore Government to Adopt Facebook Workplace across the Board

How does Facebook Workplace Work?
Facebook Workplace essentially utilize all the benefits of its social media counterpart, Facebook, while operating with a more business minded agenda. Employees will be able to use the messenger system, video calling, live video, events and similar tools for business within their own company account.

Facebook Workplace is designed to bring company employees together as a team. Workplace itself has been around for years for Facebook employees and a few hundred select businesses like Starbucks, Booking.com, the Royal Bank of Scotland and many more.

With the ease of Facebook Workplace, government officials and employees can now quickly connect to each other through web browsers, smart phones as well as tablets.

Facebook Workplace in Singapore

As Singapore makes its was to using Facebook Workplace as the widespread social media app of choice, so far 15 government agencies are currently using the application. As more and more of the government’s employees sign up to use Workplace, the government will pay the Facebook Workplace fee of about $151, 000 each month.

Facebook Workplace has a tiered pricing service, charging $3 for 1,000 employees, $2 for an additional 9,000, then $1 for each new employee using the system. So far, Singaporeans keep their Workplace accounts active. Many government agencies have found that using Facebook Workplace is more efficient than sending emails.

How Facebook Workplace will Change Businesses
As the Singaporean government starts using Workplace more aggressively, it will start to utilize and incorporate more features and services of the application. Many companies and businesses that have been using Facebook Workplace regularly realize it’s best used in conjunction with customer service, updating employees on new projects and helping team members generate leads.

One of the largest changes that companies have seen with the use of Facebook Workplace is that employees feel more visible within the company and with other employees. This is important in any company or government that has thousands of employees. Being able to connect in a faster, effective and meaningful way makes a team stronger and increases the morale and work ethic of employees.

Users of Facebook workplace have also reported a stronger sense of effective communication throughout their company. Employees and coworkers can constantly browse Workplace to see what’s trending in the company. This helps to keep all team members in the loop without getting bogged down by a bunch of emails. Additionally, the ability for employees and superiors to follow each other on Workplace makes it easier to see how people are working and what people are working on.

While many people may wonder if introducing social media in a place of business like a company, or the government, is really a good idea, we can say that it is. Reviewing all the benefits and success stories of this application makes it easy to see that Facebook Workplace is another great step in forward thinking and modern technology put to use in the business arena.