Singapore has most definitely established itself as one of the most important travel destination hubs in the entire Asian Pacific region, and it is one of the true gateways to the Southeast Asian area for business and tourism.

At the same time, the airports in Singapore have left quite a bit to be desired for a number of years now but a new major investment into major terminals at the Changi Airport show a new commitment from the Singapore government to improve the overall experience for the millions and millions of visitors that they have flocking here from all over the world.

According to information from executives at the Changi Airport, this new high-technology terminal is going to be built on top of the rubble of the previous Budget Terminal which existed from 2006 to 2012. Demolished in 2014 with plans to completely construct a brand-new and revolutionary high-tech terminal that would improve airline efficiency and the comfort of travelers at the same time, this new terminal is set to open up for business in October 2017 – and travelers couldn’t be more excited.

A revolutionary new approach to safety and security

Singapore has always been serious about leveraging new technology to improve our day to day lives, and the folks that have invested heavily into this new airport terminal are taking full advantage of biometric sensors, facial recognition technology, and a whole host of other advanced solutions designed to dramatically improve the overall safety and security of the Changi Airport and this terminal in particular.

These new solutions are being implemented in efforts to improve security without having a negative impact on the overall travel experience, the way that so many traditional security solutions have in the past. This is definitely an approach that airports around the world are paying attention to, it’s likely that Singapore will eventually outsource some of this technology to global partners around the world in an effort to improve their security and safety as well.

Improvements to traveler comfort and entertainment

Offering what is described as a seamless and fully automated airport experience, travelers that are taking advantage of everything that this new airport terminal has to offer are expected to be able to leverage what many describe as the “future of flying” – a 100% automated and self-controlled system that allows travelers to be in complete control of their time on the ground, without having to worry about a lot of the modern-day stress and pressure that airline travelers deal with on a regular basis.

Restaurants, cafés, and entertainment centers are being established to throughout this terminal, as our business and communication centers that will allow business minded travelers the opportunity to take advantage of the robust infrastructure Singapore has for this kind of communication.

On top of that, family centers and communal centers are being established so that everyone – regardless of why they are traveling – has an opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy all that this new terminal has to offer.