Is Singapore Preferred For Incorporation By Startups?

Singapore has really established itself as a headquarters for startup company, with companies starting to consider moving to Singapore just as much as they consider moving to Silicon Valley in the United States – something that would have been considered absolutely insane just a few short years ago.

This is not an accident.

The Singapore government and Singapore culture in general has always been very friendly towards business. But recently, a number of major initiatives put forth by the Singapore government as well as significant investments in technology and infrastructure have led to more and more startups flocking to Singapore than ever before.

Here are just some of the reasons why so many people – and so many savvy business owners – are considering moving their operations to Singapore today.

Incorporating a business doesn’t get any easier than this

The Singapore government has basically eliminated every single roadblock imaginable for companies looking to incorporate in Singapore, really paving the way and fast tracking the creation of these kinds of corporations just as much as humanly possible.

As we highlighted above, the government has always been friendly towards business. New regulations – or the removal of regulations, to be more accurate – makes it easier for foreign investors and foreign companies to set up shop in Singapore, taking advantage of the friendly business environment, amazing infrastructure, and high-technology landscape that Singapore has developed.

Effortless reach around the world

Because Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, more than 2.8 billion people – potential customers – can be reached in just a few hours by air, making it really easy to foster business relationships in the region that would have been difficult to start up and almost impossible to maintain when based anywhere else.

Breaking into emerging markets like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines would be next to impossible without operating out of Singapore. Combine that with the effortless reach to Japan, India, and even Australia – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – and you will soon see why so many savvy business owners and investors are urging their companies to move to Singapore ASAP.

Government aid is at times overwhelming

Business owners ALWAYS want as stable a political infrastructure as humanly possible when they go to set up their companies, especially since these companies will likely exist (some form or another) in that country for decades to come – and any instability lends to a lot of volatility, and that’s never good for business.

Singapore has a tremendously stable government, a very orderly and organized government, and a government that many consider to be the friendliest towards business on the planet today. Not only will the government really move mountains to help you set up your startup in Singapore, but it will also provide smart and savvy startups with tremendous cash infusions, easy access to financing, government aid programs, and so much more.

If you’re serious about competing in today’s increasingly crowded startup marketplace, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to ignore these significant advantages incorporation in Singapore has to offer.