Surprise, surprise!

Singapore has once again been ranked as the Asian city with the highest quality of life to the shock and dismay of absolutely no one.

An absolute gem in Southeast Asia, and maybe the most beautiful, technologically advanced, business friendly, and culture rich cities in the entire region, Singapore offers an incredible amount of advantages to the people that live there – attracting folks from all corners of the globe to seek out their financial future in this truly modern city.

According to the Mercer 2016 Quality of Living Rankings Singapore wasn’t just ranked as the top city in Asia as far as living conditions are concerned, but was also ranked 26th out of the entire world as far as quality of living goes.

This is very much a city on the upswing – and it doesn’t show any signs whatsoever of slowing down anytime soon.

Singapore beat out Tokyo, Kobe, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur

What a handful of people were surprised to learn with these rankings are being released is that Singapore was able to almost effortlessly “defeat” world hotspot destination cities like Tokyo, Kobe, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur (not to mention Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta) when it came to offering the highest quality of life to her citizens.

Obviously Singapore it is one of the most beautiful and culture rich cities on the planet over there something that we mentioned above), but even just those cities that we just listed are incredibly rich, diverse, and vibrant cities unto themselves.

The fact that Singapore was able to top all of them only points further to the dedication of the Singapore government to creating the kind of truly global city that attracts not just our own citizens but citizens of the world.

Easily one of the most technologically advanced and connected cities on the planet, it also has a fantastic job seen, tremendous economic opportunities, amazing universities, and some of the richest culture throughout the region.

Don’t look for Singapore to give up its top spot anytime soon

If the Committee for the Future Economy is anything to base future rankings off of, one shouldn’t look for Singapore to give up its top spot anytime soon.

This is a city that is constantly reinventing itself, and rather than look to the rest of the world for inspiration it instead chooses to inspire the rest of the planet – always pushing forward with new initiatives, leveraging new technology and new research, and committing to completely reinventing and reshaping their infrastructure without any concern for the “old ways” while still somehow completely embracing their past at the exact same time.

It’s a bit of a delicate tightrope for any city to walk, reinventing yourself while still remembering who you are as a city and a culture, but Singapore is able to continue to move forward without ever having to worry about losing its identity – all while helping to inspire the rest of the world to follow its lead!