Singapore, unlike a lot of other countries around the world, has been very focused on building up their economy from the inside out for the past 30 years or so – and are right now capitalizing on the foundation they have built by attracting worldwide talent from all corners of the globe more successfully than anywhere else.

It used to be that the world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs flocked to Silicon Valley in California (the West Coast of the United States), but today more and more of the world’s most innovative and exciting entrepreneurs are deciding to set up shop in Singapore – and for good reason!

Singapore tops global ranking for startup talent, overtaking Silicon Valley

The infrastructure in Singapore is very conducive to business building

The infrastructure available in Singapore is absolutely top-notch. We are talking about one of the most connected places on the planet, and the Singapore government has shown time and time again that they aren’t shy or reticent about investing in infrastructure that gives businesses the upper hand on the global market.

Not only is the informational and online infrastructure available in Singapore top-notch, but this is also one of the cleanest and most well developed urban centers in all of Southeast Asia as well. There’s a reason that Singapore has been so attractive to businesses based out of Southeast Asia for years and years now, and now the rest of the world is getting into the swing of things as well.

Singapore has a government that is as business friendly as it gets

The government of Singapore has never been shy about its business first focus, making sure that the people of Singapore have all the opportunities available to them to build new businesses, to grow established businesses, and to create the kind of financial future that few other developed nations can compete with.

While Silicon Valley, New York City, and London remain some of the true “heartbeats” of the world economy, the fact of the matter is Singapore is stealing more top talent from all corners of the globe than any of those cities – attracting more talent than all of those cities combined!

Singapore is growing their economic base, building up their business communities, and making sure that everyone looking to grow a global operation can you Singapore as their home of operations. New legislation recently passed guarantees that businesses will always be welcome in Singapore, making it even easier than ever before for outsiders to get a new business started here as well.

It’s still cheap to build a business in Singapore, too

Top talent is flocking to Singapore faster than anywhere else not just for a chance at making a small fortune themselves (though that opportunity definitely exists), but are also looking for ways to create new connections, to network effectively, and to build their Rolodex up from the ground up while they are in the early stages of their career.

80% of the engineering employees in Singapore, 74% of gross marketing employees, and close to 60% of entrepreneurs in Singapore are under the age of 28 right now. It’s a cluster of amazing star-powered talent, and it’s going to reshape the way that Singapore is seen in the global community for years and years to come.