Legendary Singapore businessman and tycoon Oei Hong Leong has decided to make what many are describing and in unprecedented and surprise announcement of a target for his investment, something that he hasn’t ever done in the past but something that many believe to be a huge strategic decision.

This billionaire has decided to invest $5 billion into the world of data centers in Singapore, hoping to capitalize on the data demand of digital payments and crypto currency as well as the cloud-based computing and storage industries. The son of an Indonesian conglomerate founder, Oei Hong Leong has decided to invest $5 billion of his investment group into these kinds of operations, taking control of a number of smaller companies while at the same time choosing to expand operations throughout Singapore to make it the most robust and dominant force in Asia for data storage and management.

The part that makes this announcement so surprising is the fact that Oei Hong Leong can only be described as one of the media shy billionaires anywhere in Asia, never really disclosing any of the moves he is expecting to make until long after capital has already been invested.

While Oei Hong Leong has yet to describe exactly how he plans to raise the $5 billion or if he expects to utilize his best personal wealth to make the initial seed investment, purchases of physical data centers, construction equipment and firms, and cloud computing and software architecture have already made news throughout Singapore and are believed to be linked to this organization.

Cloud-based computing is very much the “next big thing” in the world of computers and technology, with software as a service and “always accessible” data being a huge driver in the world of technology today. Combine that with the amazing explosion in popularity – and value – of crypto currencies like BitCoin and others that require pretty considerable data centers and robust data technology to operate and it becomes seen as a no-brainer as to why Oei Hong Leong has decided to go “all in” on this kind of investment.

This legendary businessman has always been serious about investing into Singapore-based technology companies and startups that are serious about pushing into the future. Establishing a company called One Belt One Net in Singapore for the investment of data centers throughout the area, Oei Hong Leong is expected to continue to develop the infrastructure Singapore while also taking full advantage of the investment capital and opportunities that the Singapore government and entrepreneurial community has to offer.

Considered to be the 25th richest man in all of Singapore with more than $1.5 billion worth of assets, Oei Hong Leong is also the largest single shareholder of a number of major companies on the Singapore exchange, the largest of which is the IPC Corporation which is focused on property investment and real estate throughout Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Already describing digital data centers and storage solutions as emerging enterprises, Oei Hong Leong hopes to get in on the ground floor of these new technologies and establish a foundation that allows him to grow well into the future.