There’s nothing that jump starts a morning quite like a good old-fashioned cup of delicious coffee, but people that are constantly on the move – especially those movers and shakers in Singapore looking to build their career, build a business, and build a better world – just don’t have time to fight with lines when it comes to getting coffee during the morning rush.

In an effort to better innovate in industry that has been pretty stagnant ever since the first coffee shop opened up for business oh so long ago, Singapore operation are introducing new robotic coffee shops and cafés that streamline and systemize the process for ordering coffee and breakfast in the morning while providing top-notch results across the board.

These new solutions introduce tray returning robots, digital ordering, cashless payments, and an automated “DIY” solution that speeds up the ordering and delivery process for people looking to get coffee and breakfast in the morning.

Taking advantage of brand-new technology, including mobile application technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and intelligent design, these new coffee shops have been opened up with the full help in support of the Minister of State for Trade and Industry – essentially using them as a test pilot project to see whether or not this kind of technology can be utilized on a widespread scale in the near future.

According to individuals in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the government hopes that these two test project cafés will be successful enough to rollout more than 100 coffee shops just like them before the year 2020, and the ministry is also looking for ways to expand these kinds of operations into other food service industries if the experiment proves to be successful.

There is a little bit of pushback from the coffee shop operator community, if only because this industry has been going through so many different upheavals in just the last few years. Tightening of labor markets, changing workforce aspirations, and technological advancements have completely reshaped what used to be a pretty traditional business model and market, and some coffee shop operators aren’t all that excited about jumping headfirst into the future while forgetting completely about the past.

As with most things, however, the market is going to be the determining factor behind whether or not these coffee shops are successful or not. The consumer is always in control of these kinds of decisions, and so far (judging off of the success that these two coffee shops have already enjoyed) it looks like the consumer is deciding that this is where they want the future of the coffee shop industry to head – if not the entire quick food service industry in the near future!

Singapore is certainly one of the most innovative nations on the planet, and it is solutions like these that continue to help them push the global community just a bit further. Outsiders from around the world are paying attention to these kinds of changes and innovations, and operations in the US are already looking to take advantage of the technology and business model these new coffee shops are establishing.