There are several Singapore immigration visa schemes that are available in this country. People have to learn about these schemes before they apply for the right visa that is suitable for their purposes. Each visa scheme is specially designed to serve all purposes of the specific immigrants. This guide is going to help all immigrants who are planning to apply for the Singapore’s visa during their stay in this country. Getting proper visa is very important for all immigrants who are planning to work and stay in this country. Here are some types of immigration visa schemes that can be found in Singapore.

1. Employment Pass

This immigration visa scheme is very useful for all foreign executives, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and directors of the Singapore Company. It is not difficult to get this visa in this country. The validity period of this visa is about 2 years. It can be renewed for up to 3 years.

2. Entrepreneur Pass

This pass is specially created for foreign entrepreneurs who want to relocate their business to Singapore to merge with another Singapore company. This visa is valid for up to 2 years. This visa can be renewed as long as the business is still running in this country.

3. Personalized Employment Pass

Some people are planning to take this visa scheme. It is created for top tier or high qualified individuals who want to stay and work in Singapore. This pass scheme has validity period that is about 3 years. It is not possible to renew this pass scheme.

4. Permanent Residence

This is another popular visa scheme in Singapore. All people who have work visa in Singapore are able to apply for the permanent residence in this country. This permit is very useful for all people who want to enjoy some benefits that are provided by the Singapore government for all permanent residents.

5. Dependant’s Pass

When people hold professional work visa in this country, they are able to apply for the Dependant’s pass. This pass is very useful to support their families, including children and spouse. It is not difficult to apply for this visa scheme. However, people need to have valid documents to show the relationship with their family members.

6. S Pass

S Pass is specially created for mid-level skilled workers who work in Singapore, for example technicians. There are many workers who want to work in this country. This S Pass visa scheme is designed for work purposes. In order to get this visa, people need to get permit from their current employers.

7. Singapore Work Permit

This pass scheme is designed for all foreign workers, for example confinement nannies, domestic workers, and some other people who are employed in this country. This is the simplest way to get work permit in Singapore. All workers are able to apply for this work permit when they are in this country.

8. Miscellaneous Work Visa

This type of visa is produced for foreign professionals for doing some short assignments. People usually take this miscellaneous work visa when they are planning to have some workshops, seminars, and some other short events. Foreign people should have this work visa before they can hold any events in this country. This visa is usually created to support some short activities that last about a few weeks. When people are planning to do some other activities, they have to apply for other types of visa.

9. Singapore Work Holiday Program

This immigration scheme is specially meant for all undergraduates and graduates who want to have work holiday program in Singapore. There are some companies that may have this program for all students during holiday season. This visa is created for all students who are within 18 and 25 years old, so they are able to get some working experience in certain companies.

They are some available immigrations visa schemes that people can find in Singapore. They have to apply for the right visa that is suitable for their needs and purposes. This visa can be achieved from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore. It is important to prepare all important documents before applying for the right visa application. The application form should be submitted to the right department. This application procedure usually takes a few weeks to be done completely. All applicants have to check all requirements for applying for the immigration visa before they submit their application.