High Speed Internet - Measuring Web Traffic or Statistics

High Speed Internet - Measuring Web Traffic or Statistics
Who has the best Internet in the world?  The answer may surprise you.  There are many characteristics that can be used to define the best Internet, including connectivity, download rates, upload rates, coverage, penetration, and providers.  For a closer look at how all of these come together, lets take a look at Singapore.

With more then 5.4 million people in this modern day city-state, Singapore rests on the southern tip of a large landmass in Southeast Asia.  With an incredibly high density, the majority of Singapore residents live inside the city, which itself is based on a series of islands.  Known as the Lion City, Singapore has helped to bring about superior Internet connections through its small size and history of dedicated Internet coverage.

History Of Internet In Singapore

Before the Internet came to Singapore, Singapore helped to create its own Internet.  Launching a proto-Internet, Singapore used this network for academic ad governmental use, mirroring in many ways how the Internet would eventually come into play.  This changed however in 1994, when Singapore connected to the Internet and began creating the networks that would soon help define it as one of the best in the world.  While not happening all at once, Singapore has gradually added to the integrity of its Internet lines, slowly producing one of the most comprehensive and inclusive Internet infrastructures in the entire world.

Ranking Singapore’s Internet

Simply put, Singapore has one of the best Internet connections in the world.  It has the greatest broadband and Internet penetration rates seen in any country in the world.  In addition to this, Singapore has remarkable download rates as well.  Of all the countries in the world, Singapore frequently finds itself at or near the top of the list in several different criteria.  Recently ranked 10th in average Internet speed, Singapore has also been ranked 22nd best in connection speed in past surveys.  No matter how you look at it, Singapore’s Internet and underlying infrastructure is strong, robust, and changing with the needs of modern business and use.  How is all of this made possible?

Nationwide Coverage

As briefly mentioned twice before, the secret to Singapore’s success is infrastructure as well as a set of policies designed around making this infrastructure fantastic.  Singapore ONE, a provider on Internet in the country is available nation wide.  There are a total of 5 Internet providers in this city-state, allowing for incredible versatility in choice and providing no opportunity for a dominating monopoly, as seen in places like the United States.  Another thing to consider when looking at Singapore’s excellent Internet connection is the Island wide 3.5G mobile and wireless Internet access.  Providing coverage for people no matter where they are in this densely packed country, every resident with the proper equipment can go online and find the information they need.  As a result, Singapore has one of the best Internet infrastructures in the entire world, supported by a population that relies on it every day.