We’re all aware of the convenience of ordering food, whether it’s because you don’t feel like cooking at the end of the day or because you’re treating your employees to a meal. The one common issue that people have with food delivery is that only certain restaurants offer it and at times, it might not be the type of food that you’re interested in. UberEats is a new program that has been recently brought to Singapore and it’s not only convenient, but it also gives you the ability to get any type of food that you want delivered to your location.

There are over 100 different restaurants included in the program and all of their menus vary in price, giving you a variety of establishments to choose from. At this moment in time, hawker food isn’t available, though the company has stated that if customer demand calls for it, they will try to accommodate the needs of their consumers. With the program you can expect to have your food delivered within 35 minutes and there is a S$3 delivery charge attached to each order that you put through. As the program is in its new stages, UberEats has waived the delivery charge just so you can get the full experience of the service.

Prior to the addition of UberEats in Singapore, there were only 14 other cities that had the program in the United States, France, Canada, and Australia. It is a subsidiary of the company Uber, though they are trying to separate the two entities from one another. The company is offering 2 exclusive apps, one for regular Uber and one for their food delivery service. The main competitions for UberEats are other delivery services including Grain, Deliveroo, and FoodPanda.

In comparison to the other cities where the program is quite popular, they face a relatively new problem in Singapore. Almost every single restaurant in the city is within walking distance, meaning that there might not be a point to having your food delivered and eventually paying an additional delivery fee. In fact, this is one of the main reasons as to why Grab, another food delivery service, hasn’t made its way into Singapore at this time.

Though it is important to note that Uber has the tendency to succeed in even the most dire circumstances, especially in terms of offering convenient solutions for transportation. Another factor that falls in their favor is the large network of drivers that they have at their disposal. Nearly everyone who has a car has considered working for Uber, and UberEats is no different. You have the opportunity to work a part time job with hours that are convenient for you, meanwhile maintain a full time job.

Regardless, UberEats gives fast food lovers the ability to get the food that they want within a reasonable time frame and without having to leave their home or office. For a minimal delivery fee you will be able to choose from an assortment of food at varying prices for your budget.