Some new and good news has come to residents of Singapore and Myanmar. A change to existing rules will make it possible for residents of each country to visit the other, without requiring a visa. This new freedom is very appealing, as it will make travel so easy. As long as a visit will last 30 days or less, no visa will be mandatory. This decision heralds a new closeness between Singapore and Myanmar and most citizens of both nations are very happy about this update to visa regulations. However, it will not take effect until the 1st of December, 2016.

The new update to visa rules was announced by the Prime Minister of Singapore. His name is Lee Hsien Loong and he announced the change during a visit to Myanmar in early June, 2016. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is renowned for his new commitment to strengthening ties with Myanmar. He is the first Prime Minister of Singapore to travel to Myanmar since the last change in leadership (in Myanmar). This change in leadership took place a couple of months ago and Mr. Lee was treated very kindly, in keeping with his high station, during his time in Myanmar.

Singapore Keeps Pushing the Envelope

This new initiative involves two countries. However, it’s definitely an example of why Singapore is shining on the world stage at present. Known for its progressive government, Singapore is pushing boundaries in terms of supporting the well-being of its citizens, promoting more trade and entrepreneurship and deepening bonds with other nations. Singapore is the world’s second-safest country and it’s low crime rate and relatively clean environment are key reasons why it is appealing and so liveable. New government regulations add even more value to living, working and playing in this Southeast Asian country.

A nation that has always had at least one eye to the future, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Singapore is enjoying as much success today as they are. As forward thinking a nation as it gets, Singapore has established themselves as a major player in Asia, and they are moving more and more into the global spotlight in the best ways possible.

It will certainly be exciting to see how things shake up in the future, but one has to be encouraged by all of the decision the Singapore government is making. They continue to make smart choices moving forward with beneficial results for today as well as the long term.

Now that you know more about the new visa exemptions for 2016, you’ll be in the loop. While it doesn’t come to pass until the wintertime, it’s definitely something to look forward to. The ability to travel freely within both countries is a benefit to citizens of Singapore and Myanmar. It’s a sign of close friendship between each nation and it’s definitely something that citizens of both nations appreciate. Getting visas requires time and energy, as well as money. By removing the need for visas for visits under thirty days, the governments of both nations make life and travel easier for their citizens.