The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is known as Asean for short and its a collaboration between a grouping of ten countries in Southeast Asia. The association’s latest marketing gambit is a tourism initiative known as Asean@50. It’s all about celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the organization, by encouraging people to attend fifty festivals and enjoy fifty unique travel experiences within the region.

Singapore’s hard-working PM, Lee Hsien Loong, announced the initiative formally while opening a tourism forum which was staged by Asean. The forum attracted seven hundred and fifty people, and many reps from Asean nations were among the ranks.

This campaign is all about attracting new tourists from all over the world. The campaign is quite ambitious and plans to boost arrivals from international tourists by ten percent. This will lead to a total of one hundred and twenty-one million visitors from other countries. If the increases in tourist numbers come to pass, tourists of the international type are expected to spend between eighty-three billion dollars while in Singapore.

Average stays for tourists in the island city-state are estimated to be six or seven days, by the finish of 2017. The Singaporean Prime Minister believes that this goal is pretty realistic and feels very positive about the future of international tourism in Singapore.

In this view, there are a trio of methods which will work in concert in order to boost visitor numbers from international destinations. One strategy will be strengthening air connections within Asean member nations. The second strategy is promoting cruises in the same area and the third strategy is developing talent within the tourist industry.

Things Are Going Well to Date

Past efforts to boost international arrivals in Singapore have resulted in excellent growth levels. Most new international tourists are in the middle class income bracket. In particular, visitors from tier two cities within China are coming to Singapore in higher numbers, in order to enjoy the island city-states low crime rate and great attractions, shopping and dining. Singapore is beautiful and it’s nice to know that more and more Chinese citizens are discovering its attributes.

At present, the director of STB, Oliver Chong, describes the increase in arrivals from China as “phenomenal”. The nation may soon become the key tourist market for Singapore. Asean has been helping to bolster air travel connections, with a mind to increasing tourist numbers. However, the Singapore PM feels that more may be done in this regard. An open skies agreement has been ratified, which will relax restrictions on capacity for airlines and competition for airlines.

Asean nations are perfect places to visit. They have so many wonderful features, such as tropical weather all of the time, waters which are tranquil and scenic archipelagos. This is why targeting cruise-oriented travel will be a focus in the future.

Visit Beautiful Singapore Today

Singapore is gorgeous and so livable. It has the lowest murder rate in the world, so it also offers a sense of safety and security to tourists from abroad. With this in mind, why not plan a trip to Singapore today?