PEP is an abbreviation for Personal Employment Pass. This is a special employment pass issued in Singapore. It is not linked to any specific employer. PEP targets highly skilled individuals that wish to work on Singapore. This employment pass is not meant for people who want to open businesses in Singapore.

5 Things That You Should Know Before Applying For PEP

1. Holders of the personal employment pass are not allowed to opens their own businesses in Singapore. They cannot engage in any form of entrepreneurial activities.

2. As a PEP holder, you can become a manager of a company or a serve in any other top leadership position of a company so long as the business is not owned by you.

3. Holders of PEP should earn SGD$144 000 every year.

4. Holders of PEP can switch from one job to another without doing a fresh visa application as long as they don’t stay unemployed for a period exceeding six months. During the six months when a PEP holder is unemployed, he/she can live in Singapore without applying for any other types of stay visa.

5. PEP holders are allowed to bring their children who are below 21 years and their spouses using the dependent’s passes. They can also use long-term-visit passes to bring their parents.

Eligibility for Personal Employment Pass

The following people are eligible for PEP;

1. Overseas professionals

If you are an overseas professional and your last salary was equivalent to at least SGD$18 000, you are eligible to apply for PEP. The last salary should have been paid not more than 6 months before the time of application.

2. Current P1 holders

If you are a P1 holder and you have been making a minimum salary of SGD$12 000 on a monthly basis, you are eligible to apply for PEP. This means that you should have earned a fixed wage of SGD$ 144 000 in the previous year.

What You Need To Apply For PEP in Singapore

1. Your passport details

2. The name and the contact details of your employer if available

3. The description the job and salary if available

4. Your local contact details

5. Dependent Pass holders details if applicable

6. Long-term-visit Pass holder details if applicable

If you don’t currently hold PEP, you may be required to give more details by the authorities. If you are a non-existing P1 pass holder, you will be required to give out the following documents;

1. A copy of your valid passport

2. A copy of your previous or new employment contract

3. Salary slips and your bank statement for the last three months

4. Tax statement

5. Employment history (curriculum vitae or resume)

6. Educational certificates

After completing the application process, you will have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for it to be processed. If your Personal Employment Pass application is approved, an In-Principle Approval letter will be sent to you. This letter is valid for six months. Within the six months, you should go and collect your pass from MOM office specified in the letter.

Unlike other passes used in Singapore, PEP’s cannot be renewed once the 3 year period has expired. If you wish to continue working in this country, you have to apply for an employment pass (ties you to one employer) or apply to become a permanent resident of Singapore.