Employment pass is a kind of work visa that is issued to the professional employees who have come from foreign countries. This visa is also issues to the managers, directors and also the owners of the Singapore companies who have come from foreign country. There is no system that is based on quota which can restrict the numbers of the employment passes that can be issues to a particular company. There are certain requirements for eligibility and also there are certain procedures to be followed while you are applying for employment visa in Singapore. It is important to know about all these laws before you are applying for this visa.

Requirements for Singapore Employment Pass Eligibility 

There is a p1 pass which is sanctioned for those people who gets base salary greater than 8000 Singapore dollars. P2 pass is sanctioned for the ones who have base salary that comes between 4500 to 8000 Singapore dollars. Q1 pass is another kind of employment pass sanctioned for the ones who have the base salary that is between 3300 as well as 4500 dollars every month. Along with the salary of the individuals, the educational qualification along with the experience of the individuals is considered before issuing any kind of pass to them. If the proposed employment that the individual is going to get in Singapore is based on the experience of the individual on the niche then education is not given much importance. For getting Q1 pass, it is important for the individuals to get qualified from an institution that is highly reputed. The applications for the employment pass are reviewed as per the credentials that are provided about the company and there is no official quota available in the system. If the EP holders have minimum of 4000 Singapore dollars as salary, then they can easily apply for family visa for the immediate family- members.

Required Documents 

For the application of employment pass in Singapore, there are many documents that are required for getting this pass. You need to make use of the resume, passport sized photograph, copies of the educational certificates, copy of business profile, detail description related with duties and also the detailed description concerned with duties that are performed by applicant. It is also required for having supporting documents that can also be needed for the application.

Procedure and Timeline Associated with Employment Pass – Application 

Employment pass – Application can go through certain procedure and also particular timeline. It is possible by the individuals to file the application for this pass either manually or it can be done online. Online application can be considered as the easiest as well as quick method but it does not allow the attachment of the supporting documents in it. In the case of online application, it may take up to 10 working days for getting the pass issued depending on the credentials associated with the company. The manual application may take about 6 weeks for getting it processed from the time when it is submitted for application.